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New Moon trailer Screencaps   10 comments

I made a few screencaps for you guys. The quality isn’t great but as soon as I get a better quality trailer I’ll update.


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New Moon trailer GIFs   11 comments


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Flashback to Rob at 2008 MTV VMAs.   5 comments

What better way to kick off VMA weekend than with pics of Rob at the 2008 VMAs?


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Gossip Cop debunks another Rob rumour   1 comment

Can I just say L….M…F…A…O…. at this rumour. Not sure who came up with it, but seriously, Rob on steroids? SERIOUSLY? Bwahahahaha. I wonder what’s going to pop up next. This is getting hilarious.

Here is Gossip Cop’s article:

Showbiz Spy and others are reporting today that Kristen Stewart has denied Robert Pattinson uses steroids.

Well, that’s a relief . . . wait, what???

Gossip Cop follows all things “Twilight” pretty closely, but can’t recall EVER hearing accusations that the British heartthrob was, as they say, ‘on the juice.’ So it was suspicious when outlets today began to pick up quotes that Stewart “recently” gave reporters, supposedly about Pattinson’s body. “Yes, he’s jacked. It’s absolutely crazy,” the actress said, adding, “He’s definitely not on steroids.”

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HQ – New Moon Robward pic   3 comments


Source: RP Source

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New How to Be still   Leave a comment



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Special Post: Remembering September 11th   21 comments


We’re taking a moment today to make a special post here at ToR.

May all those who died on September 11th rest in peace. May all those who survived them find the strength and courage to carry on…

To all the firemen and policemen from the FDNY, NYPD, and PAPD  who gave their lives for others and for those who survived, your heroics acts will be in our hearts forever, thank you. Your courage went above and beyond the call of duty that day.

To all those who risked their lives to save others or died trying … The selflessness you showed has no bounds, you are true heros.

To all the people of New York City, we are with you in our thoughts.

You will always be remembered.


I will never forget the moment I turned on the TV that morning. The first plane had already hit, but at that exact moment, the second plane struck. My first thought was “Is the world ending?” my second was “Oh my God. My brother was supposed to be at the World Trade Center today.” Since all the phone lines were jammed, we had no idea until later that day. (He had actually gone the day before. The last group to ever tour the WTC) We watched in horror as the towers fell. Watched the people as they tried to run to safety. Feeling scared. Angry. Impotent, because I was in Ohio, and I knew there was nothing I could do. I will never forget the people we lost that day. Did I know them, no. But I can only imagine the fear and pain they had to endure under the hands of these heartless cowards. I pray for their families, that they may someday find peace in their hearts. I salute the NYPD, the NYFD, and all the service men and women who answered the call when their country needed them. ~JustChristy

Here’s a tribute video FP made.


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