My Remember Me Video *FULL SPOILERS*   6 comments

Many people have been asking me to see this video now that they have seen the movie so here it is.

For those of you who haven’t see it do not read the comments or watch the video below as it contains full spoilers. You have been advised.

See the video after the jump!

This is a video I made a while back. Some of you might have seen it.

***It contains full Remember Me Spoilers.***

It is two songs long. Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember You and William’s Brothers – Can’t Cry Hard Enough
Remember Me
Uploaded by FP113. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

6 responses to “My Remember Me Video *FULL SPOILERS*

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  1. OK you just made me cry again and by the way, I’m watching the movie again this weekend. We really need to support ALL the actors on this film. Facebook people, what ever you have to do to make this movie a hit. I got 10 people to go just from Facebook, My Space and Twitter.

  2. I loved the video. Remember Me itself was a very emotional movie for me. I loved the relationship between Tyler and Caroline…it was special. The message was strong and clear…love your family and friends, make sure they know that you love them.

  3. I really loved this video when I saw the first time but I can’t see now.
    Maybe Dailymotion…..?
    Can I see at You Tube? or do you have an account at You Tube?
    If you don’t mind, let me know.

    • I only have it on Daily Motion and not Youtube. It’s on Daily Motion 1) Because I can keep it protected so no one stumbles upon it and gets spoiled by mistake. 2) Because the songs are copyrighted on Youtube 😦 So I can’t even put it up on Youtube now.

  4. I loved this video it made me cry so much, I,m going to see the movie again tomorrow. Great work!

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