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Rob talks about Remember Me on Showtime   1 comment

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Rob's Interview with Fantastico & Translation   Leave a comment

Rough translation of Rob’s part of the interview

Voice Over: It wasn’t difficult to go from Edward to Tyler. Rob says “It was like I knew the story really well and felt very comfortable with it.

Interviewer: Do you think people will love Tyler as they love Edward, especially the young ones?

Rob: I lot of people see Edward as being this perfect guy, but I always see Edward as being far from that. Tyler doesn’t try to be perfect at all, I don’t really know

Intervier: Which one do you like best?

Rob: I like to playing Tyler because I don’t need to wear make up. That was kind of a relief

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El País: Surviving the Vampire   Leave a comment

Fame has made him live hiding and to go out only at night. Like his character in Twilight. Robert Pattinson detoxes himself briefly with Remember Me.

Robert Pattinson assures us that he has found the way to go unnoticed: grow a beard. “It works, the other day, in a bar, a guy told me that I looked like the guy from Twilight. That I had to go see the movie”, he explains. It pains us to tell him that is not so. He is wearing a baseball hat and a blondish beard. An antipaparazzi classic uniform that will hardly make him invisible. This 23 years old Londoner has had to digest fame very quickly. A few years back he lived out of the royalties from his small role as Cedric Diggory, the handsome guy of Hogwarts, in 2 of the Harry Potter films. He was a guy from an expensive school, with a stable family, that used to hang out in pubs and played the guitar. He was about to stop acting when he was called for a casting in LA for the highly anticipated adaptation to Stephanie Meyer’s vampire saga.

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All the New Moon Deleted Scenes in 2 Videos   1 comment

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Q&A With Robert Pattinson at the Remember Me Press Junket   Leave a comment

NEW YORK — There are stars, there are idols, and there are the squeal-worthy — the guys you merely have to mention for girls to explode with ecstasy, glee and a certain amount of misery.

Such is Robert Pattinson, the 23-year-old English actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series, and who turns out to be a very gentle and seemingly normal guy. His between-ghoul gig, alas, is playing the conflicted Tyler Roth in the Allen Coulter-directed drama “Remember Me,” which opened March 12.

He recently took some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his latest film and his blood-sucking alter ego:

Q. Did you pick this project just to counter your Edward Cullen image?

A. That was one of the reasons. But there was also something different about the script that stayed with me. It was odd — you wonder why it was written, what happened to the writer, what elements are true. And it seemed like I could spend the summer in New York and it would be really nice after all the pandemonium.

Q. Pierce Brosnan, who plays your father, was James Bond for four films; you’ve got a four-film franchise. You ever talk about that?

A. Not really, but he was great, zero pretense, completely comfortable in his own skin. The first time we went out to dinner, there were people at another table looking at him, so he went over and introduced himself and suddenly everyone was much more comfortable.

Q. They were looking at him and not you?

A. They had no idea who I was. It was an old French restaurant on the Upper West Side. Someone said, “Is this your son?” And Pierce said, “Yes! This is my son. …” He was really fun to work with.

Q. There are only four “Twilight” novels; the third film comes out in June. It seems like you’re in the homestretch.

A. That’s why I was never particularly worried. They’ll do the last one at the end of the year, and that’s it. Done. And because I didn’t start when I was really a kid, I don’t feel like I’m losing anything or selling my childhood. It’s such a funny thing to have gone through. It’s such a supernova. It exploded so quickly, and then it’s finished.

Q. How do you refashion yourself after that?

A. I’m making “Bel Ami,” which is based on a Guy de Maupassant novel. I play a con man who seduces his way up the social ladder, betrays everybody. Anybody who does him a favor, he stabs in the back, and then he gets rewarded for it in the end. He’s a real menace to society. It’s a completely different experience from what I’ve done before.

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Box Office Results for Remember Me This Weekend – Box Office Mojo   2 comments

Here are the box office results for Remember Me this weekend according to Box Office Mojo.

Source: Box Office Mojo via RobPattzNews

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Robert Pattinson's Interview With The Sunday Telegraph **Remember Me Spoilers**   1 comment

Here are some scans of Robert’s Interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

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Robert Pattinson in Sunday Times Style Magazine – Scans   2 comments

Here are some scans of Rob in Sunday Times Style Magazine.

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Peyton List Speaks About Robert Pattinson and the Fire Extinguisher Scene   2 comments

QF: What was it like working with Rob? Did you feel starstruck?

Peyton: I really didn’t, but one girl was shaking and crying!

QF: What was the most challenging scene to shoot?

Peyton: The most challenging scene to shoot was probably the one where Caroline comes into school, and I start picking on her. Rob had to throw a fire extinguisher out the window, so it was kind of crazy.

QF: Were there any bloopers or embarrassing moments while filming?

Peyton: Rob grabbed the fire extinguisher and couldn’t lift it. It was too heavy and he fell to the ground! He wasn’t hurt or anything, but he was laughing. They had to empty it and make it lighter.

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new wallpaper Remember Me pressjunket   8 comments

Here’s a new wallpaper from the Remember Me pressjunket by DreamySim1

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