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(Video) Press Association UK: Get Your Hands On Pattinson   2 comments


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Robert Pattinson – three features that makes him unique!   12 comments

It would be funny if I start my article formally with an introduction of the hot superstar of today, Mr. Robert Pattinson. The 23 year old has himself let the world know about him so much that there remains no place and requirement for any further foreword.
But in spite of the superfast superstardom, RPattz prefers a humble and down to earth approach. He is ever so friendly with his fans and the reporters and hasn’t let showbiz glitters hypnotized him.
Now that is something unique for a star like him and that too with such a young age where people get easily carried away with popularity. But that is certainly not the thing we are referring to in our title.
Then is it RPattz’s passion for music that is highlighting him as unique? Well, we know Robert Pattinson is also quite into music. He plays guitar and piano and can sing as well. But that is not exactly we are looking for either!
We have categorised some unique qualities that have become the trademark of this hottie. These are something that reminds you of Rob as you read about it…
1. Smile – Robert Pattinson has a unique smirk that is both innocent as well as sexy at the same time. The heartwarming smile further enhances his killing looks adding the oomph factor to his personality.
2. Ruffled hairstyle – You like it, or you don’t…Rob is exclusive with his untidy and unkempt hairstyle that gives him the “just from bed” look. The messy hairstyle follows him everywhere he goes including events like red carpet etc. making him identifiable even from a distance!
3. Wit – Rob’s sense of humor is the third in our list that makes him distinctive. Though most of the times his witty one-liners are misunderstood and misinterpreted by the media, it surely sets Rob different from others.
Fans, especially girls, will come up with several other things to prove their favorite star as unique. And we are infact waiting for those comments…

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Video: Pierce Brosnan Speaks About Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel   1 comment

It starts at 2:28

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Robert Pattinson, "I'm Lucky That People Find Me Really Sexy".   2 comments

ROBERT Pattinson fells “lucky” that people have all of a sudden started to find him “really sexy”.

The British actor — who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilightmovie franchise — says he’s now considered attractive where he never used to be.

“I have been lucky, of course,” he said in an interview with Britain’sTelegraph newspaper. “Like, last year, if I went out, I’d have to fight to chat someone up.

“This year, I look exactly the same, which is really scruffy, and yet lots of people seem to have just changed their minds and decided I’m really sexy.

“Basically, anyone who wants to be seen as attractive should just getTwilight author Stephenie Meyer to say, ‘This guy is attractive’. Then everybody believes it.”

Pattinson, 23, recently admitted he struggled to throw a punch while filming his new movie Remember Me.

“I punched the stuntman’s face four times — as hard as I could,” Rob recalled.

“And he just grinned at me and said he didn’t feel a thing. It was frustrating.

“When I was a teenager I often got myself into precarious situations without realizing that it would end in a brawl, more than once!”


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3 New Eclipse Wallpapers   3 comments

Here are 3 New Eclipse wallpapers made by _iwry_from Twilight Belgium to see the Bella or the Jacob or Jacob & Bella one click here.

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Christoph Waltz Talks About 'Water For Elephants'   1 comment Water For Elephants Film via RPLife

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Rob's Interview with T4 talks about Remember Me and Accents   2 comments

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Robert Pattinson Cartoon in ‘Quién’ Magazine   1 comment

Here’s a cartoon of Robert Pattinson from Quién Magazine. It’s supposed to represent Rob and all the things he likes.

Source: Twilight Poison

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Remember Me Promo Bookmarks in Taiwan   4 comments

These are great!

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MTV Wants to Know: Who Would You Pick As a Director For Breaking Dawn   1 comment

A new name entered the potential directors pool for “Breaking Dawn” yesterday: Stephen Daldry. He previously directed only three films — “The Reader,” “The Hours” and “Billy Elliott” — but he received Academy Award nominations for all three of them. Daldry joins a group of three previously named talents who Summit is considering to helm the final installment in the “Twilight” series.

Last week, the news emerged that the studio had Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola and Bill Condon on their short list of potential helmers. These are four serious names; Summit clearly wants to bring out the biggest guns they can in capping off the high school romance-meets-vampires saga. They also want to serve the fans, since you’re the ones who made this series such a big deal. And we’re here to help. Tell us which of the four directors we know to be in the running you’d most like to see get the gig. I can’t promise you that Summit will listen, but I can’t promise they won’t either. Let’s just quickly recap the potential directors one more time before we get to the poll.

Sofia Coppola: The “Lost in Translation” and “Marie Antoinette” director knows her way around nuanced female roles, and Kristen Stewart’s Bella is definitely that. She also knows how to make challenging relationships compelling for film audiences; “Breaking Dawn” also has a lot of that.

Gus Van Sant: Van Sant is admittedly an odd choice. He’s had mainstream success with the likes of “Good Will Hunting” and “Finding Forrester,” but he’s known best for his indie/arthouse work. “Twilight” is many things, and it does indeed have its roots as an indie, but “arthouse” is not a direction I can see Summit wanting it to go in for the final chapter (or chapters, if it is broken into two movies). That said, star Robert Pattinson is keen on Van Sant being the guy, and the directorhas proven himself capable of blockbuster success.

Bill Condon: The random nature of Bill Condon’s resume is exactly what makes him a good fit for “Breaking Dawn.” From the “Candyman” sequel to “Kinsey” to “Dreamgirls,” you never know what he’s going to do next. He’s directed a supernatural, hook-wielding psycho-killer, a sex-crazed scientist and an up-and-coming soul singer… a teenage romance involving vampires, werewolves and a violent, bloody birth feels like the culmination of everything he’s ever done!

So now you know the players. Which one do you think would be best?

Click here to vote.

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