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Director Gus Van Sant mentions Robert Pattinson in a interview   2 comments

JC: Is it true that you were in the running to direct “Twilight”?

GVS: Yeah. In an interview, Robert Pattinson was asked, “What’s up for the next Twilight?” They had been asked this a thousand times. So he said, “We want to get a filmmaker like Gus Van Sant to do the next one.” I was surprised at reading this and I thought, “Am I actually considered? Am I in the running? Would they actually even think that way?” So I told my agent to put my name in the hat.

I went out to the interview and, naively, I wasn’t aware that I was expected to sell [myself to] them. They wanted to see your plan even though the plan was to do the movie exactly the way the book read, because if you deviated an inch, you’d be killed by the fans. Of course, the other filmmakers who were much more savvy had long 45-minute displays of these ideas and they got the job. It was a really bad scene because I got really nervous and I realized it was just completely going down. Obviously, I screwed the whole thing up.

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MTV Wants to Know: Who Would You Pick As a Director For Breaking Dawn   1 comment

A new name entered the potential directors pool for “Breaking Dawn” yesterday: Stephen Daldry. He previously directed only three films — “The Reader,” “The Hours” and “Billy Elliott” — but he received Academy Award nominations for all three of them. Daldry joins a group of three previously named talents who Summit is considering to helm the final installment in the “Twilight” series.

Last week, the news emerged that the studio had Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola and Bill Condon on their short list of potential helmers. These are four serious names; Summit clearly wants to bring out the biggest guns they can in capping off the high school romance-meets-vampires saga. They also want to serve the fans, since you’re the ones who made this series such a big deal. And we’re here to help. Tell us which of the four directors we know to be in the running you’d most like to see get the gig. I can’t promise you that Summit will listen, but I can’t promise they won’t either. Let’s just quickly recap the potential directors one more time before we get to the poll.

Sofia Coppola: The “Lost in Translation” and “Marie Antoinette” director knows her way around nuanced female roles, and Kristen Stewart’s Bella is definitely that. She also knows how to make challenging relationships compelling for film audiences; “Breaking Dawn” also has a lot of that.

Gus Van Sant: Van Sant is admittedly an odd choice. He’s had mainstream success with the likes of “Good Will Hunting” and “Finding Forrester,” but he’s known best for his indie/arthouse work. “Twilight” is many things, and it does indeed have its roots as an indie, but “arthouse” is not a direction I can see Summit wanting it to go in for the final chapter (or chapters, if it is broken into two movies). That said, star Robert Pattinson is keen on Van Sant being the guy, and the directorhas proven himself capable of blockbuster success.

Bill Condon: The random nature of Bill Condon’s resume is exactly what makes him a good fit for “Breaking Dawn.” From the “Candyman” sequel to “Kinsey” to “Dreamgirls,” you never know what he’s going to do next. He’s directed a supernatural, hook-wielding psycho-killer, a sex-crazed scientist and an up-and-coming soul singer… a teenage romance involving vampires, werewolves and a violent, bloody birth feels like the culmination of everything he’s ever done!

So now you know the players. Which one do you think would be best?

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Source: MTV via RobPattzNews