My New Moon Edward and Bella Trailer   49 comments

I made a New Moon “trailer” using the 3 trailers we already had and the footage in the Death Cab for Cutie video. I used all the parts that had Bella and Edward therefore this trailer is only Bella and Edward. Let me know what you guys think!  

Music: Tokio Hotel – Rescue Me

49 responses to “My New Moon Edward and Bella Trailer

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    • I thought it was awsome…I have never been so excited for a new movie to premiere….I am on the verge of spontaneous combustion….I live in Spain and the movie will be here Nov. 18…hopefully Rob with it…let´s keep our fingers cross…..great job as usual ThinkingofRob!!!!thanks for all you give us!!!!!

  2. Whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ It!

  3. You win automatically for using Tokio Hotel. Srsly.

  4. One word: Awesome! Like always.:)

  5. Totally love it! Awesome, as always, babes!

  6. I love it!

  7. I loved it, its FANTASTIC! well done!

  8. Kudos! It turned out great

  9. Excellent job – loved all clips and the song was perfect. Glad I got the chance to see this –

  10. Great job girl! Putting it together that way was great…..exciting huh 🙂

  11. Great video and great song!!!!!!!!

  12. great video with a fascinating choice of background music—love Tokio Hotel & agree with Amber—if Rob said that, they’re on their way to platinum—<3

  13. Whoa! Pretty awesome FP!

  14. UAU!!! i think this is actually really cool! great video and great job! well done….anyway…I can’t wait to see new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this video makes me more excited!! I didn’t think it would be possible!! XD I’m italian and the movie well be in theatres Nov 18 so less than 45 days!!XD…p.s…..sorry for my bad english…lol

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  16. OMG you’re like my Video Making Idol!! I’m just learning but one day I hope to be as good as you are! Great Great Song as a matter fact, love it so much I think I’ll download it today…it fits PERFECTLY with footage!

  17. OMG!! I love it!! and this song is AWESOME!!! Great Job FP!!

  18. Love it!! and watching it over and over since #twitterfail!

    • Major twitter fail. No clue what’s going on but sheesh this is taking ages to solve.

      • I know dude… your site is the only thing saving me! Thanks for posting new stuff! 😉 (as for twitter: you suck! and I cant believe you aren’t working yet! and how the hell do new people keep finding me to follow me?)

  19. Hey FP That was really good.You’re getting so good a making videosI will be wathing this one lot’s Thanks Darlin!

  20. ohhh emmmm geeee!!!!!!!!!!! that was soooo GOOD!!!! =]]]] i love it, and it is VERY put together. I look forward to your posts every morning when I wake up…thank you

  21. O.M.G that is soooooooooo SWEEETTT !!!!!!!!!!! i love it =]

  22. this is my video i made hope you like it i love you video btw

  23. Love this video hun, you did a great job. I’ve always thought that this song should have been on the soundtrack since the first time you blipped it for me. It fits this movie so well and I’m glad you used it to make a video.

  24. Great job! I’m reading New Moon again right now and I even shed a tear when I saw this!

  25. I’m reading New Moon again right now and I even shed a tear when I saw this! [2]

    i love it! the music, too! i belive that i read somewhere that Rob likes this music. so i downloaded it. hahaha

    P.S:sorry for my bad English, im from Uruguay. i love this site. congratulations!

  26. Hey, this is excellent!!!
    thank you 😀

  27. o.0 oh i liked the song toooooooooo

  28. Awesome job! I don’t think I’ve EVER been THIS excited to see a movie! Seriously going to go insane waiting for 11/20!

  29. WOW!!! THAT IS GREAT! I had to stop I needed a kleenex… well done 41 more sleeps!!!!!

  30. Holy crap. Perfect video perfect song!

  31. This will be the last comment I will ever leave on your website. The pain I get from your videos is starting to be too much. I cry at almost every Rob vid with him looking so sad in his ever growing lack of privacy and now I can’t wait any longer for New Moon to come out and your vids do not help one bit. While every video makes me want to watch them over and over, I no longer can handle it. Goodbye and keeping making awesome videos.

  32. That was great FP! And that song should definitely have been on the soundtrack.

  33. Awesome video! Loved the song!

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