100 + Fan pics of Robert Pattinson and New Moon cast at Comic-Con yesterday 23/07/2009 » 261   1 comment

Posted July 24, 2009 by justfp

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  1. OMG what a treat. I love having my breath taken away by this manly man. U can tell the other crazy fangirls think same thing. What’s the diff. ? I plead only this I have anal glaucoma “I can’t see my ass doing THAT!” With that said, please help me to understand this very interesting psychological phenomenon… Which one of U screaming fangirls thinks in her wildest imagination (When Rob hears ME scream, he’s going to pick ME to love out of this crowd of OTHER screaming crazy fangirls?) Please count to 3, then SCREAM your reply, unfortunately I’ll hear it, along with all the other unlucky bystanders who have witttnessed your spectacle. Yes, from the abundance of you ridiculous crazy fangirls, you’ve bred more just like you, and managed to dull the twinkle in Rob’s eyes only slightly, as his character is taking very good care of him, you’ve now got his security so beefed up, lucky fan encounters will be way fewer and far between. I’m speaking of the quiet fans who stake out a spot to try to get a glimpse of one of the stars, and their patience and persistance pays off, when the stars see behaving fans, actually meet them. We’ve all enjoyed those stories and pix. Ahhh, but UR not in a reasonable state of mind. Still nice to get off my chest. Love U from afar Rob, xoxoxo

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