HQ Exclusive Pics of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Mexico » 4   6 comments

Posted November 2, 2009 by justfp

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  1. Beautiful eyes! Wow!

  2. True Beauty…!!!! She is so gorgeous… Anything she wears, whatever haircolor and style, she can be beautiful.. She does that all the time..

  3. Hot… Hot… HOt… Gorgeous Eyes… Kristen = Beautiful

  4. She looks great with her hair.. How can she be always so beautiful?.. I’m jelaous.
    What she did with her in brazil, she is so awesomely pretty.. and yet, today, another glimpse of Kristen’s beautiful face with that hair.. Rob is so lucky if she have her..

  5. Oh my god!
    She looks sooo beautiful ..
    an her eyes! *.*
    I love her x3

  6. Kristen looks amazing as always.
    She´s such a sweertheart.
    Love her. I´m a fan.

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