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Posted September 13, 2009 by justfp

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  1. This shot just shows soo much emotion! Kristen has done a marvelous job in this film… not to mention it’s her favorite in the series. This new trailer has left me breathless and I fear the movie will leave many in a coma lol

  2. i just absolutely love this!!!

  3. indeed. this shot is amaizing. kristen is a very good actress. look how much emotion and you can practically see the emotional pain in her.

  4. And the gentleness of Jacob’s caress… breathtaking.

  5. i am taking tissues to see this movie. i will cry so much especially when edward leaves bella even though im team jacob!!!
    i have so much faith that kristen will make it real- shes such an amazing actress- quite possibly the best in this generation.
    cant wait til november.

  6. duuude i love how dead she looks!well done 😀

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