Screencaps from the HQ official New Moon Trailer   39 comments

Here are some screencaps I made of the HQ official New Moon trailer that came out during the night. You can find the official HQ trailer on the main page of ToR. I’ll be posting retouched screencaps as soon as I can.  


50+ Screencaps after the jump!

39 responses to “Screencaps from the HQ official New Moon Trailer

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  1. Gorgeous – nothing more to say than thanks a lot!

  2. ah.mazing. ❤

  3. Thanks, I´m not to sure about the colour of his eyes, and what about the car? But when I saw the shirtless caps I forgot all about it… 🙂

  4. haha oh my gosh. i am wayyy too excited. ahahaha . 😀
    in that picture with charlie and someone is behind him … i didnt know who it was until i looked at the picture …… it was victoria . i was like “ohhhhh myyyyy goshh!”

    • Yep, she’s really hard to catch in the trailer. You have to look fast. Also Carlisle is in the flashback Volturi scene. You have to look closely as well or you’ll miss him.

  5. Wow! Thankyou so much 😀
    I saved every single one of them onto my computer! Excellent job 🙂

  6. Awesome!! ThANKSS

  7. Did anyone else notice Bella is wearing shiteous Nikes in the wolf scene?

  8. I like the fackt that the wolfs are big…when u see the pic with bella and paul…yu can really see the size of the wolfs….

  9. Ya thanx so much!!! They’re all so wonderful!!!
    Oh I must go back and watch it for the 4489380025459 time to c Victoria and the flashbacks!! Any other quick shot of something anyone else caught? Thanx again! The pics r perfect!!! 😀

  10. Amazing!!!!!! Could not have asked for a better director for this one! Chris did an amazing job! The emotion that Kristen is pulling off in this one is awesome. She really put her heart into this one and I love that!

    and ps….Rob shirt off = pure hotness!

  11. its ok. thank

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  15. ohhh could you do some of taylor?!

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  18. Thank you so much for posting these pics for us fans!! They are awesome!!!

    chris weitz is my HERO!!!

  20. Thanks!

  21. This trailer wasn’t “leaked” it was a trailer on summit’s movie Sorority Row which hit theatres on friday.

  22. DA BOMB! UROCK MY SOX LIKE MAJORLY!! MWAH from Mwah (me) LaffinmyHOTarseoff 😉
    Love ya majorly chick!!!

  23. OH and like his lucciioouss red lips in that first pic!!!! OHMYGOOOD! i want dat on my …..boobies! uh huh i went there 😉

  24. after I saw (drooled over) that trailer Friday night i knew there would eventually be some good stills out there. you came through! I’m a new follower of yours on twitter, and I am oh so glad I follow you! i only scrolled through to get to the shirtless shots. delicious. embarassingly delicious. thank you. thank you for making my secret guilty pleasure addiction worse!!

    p.s. saw about the tweens on twitter, and tween i’m not. not sure if that’s bad or good. lol!

  25. I want the movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

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  27. omgomgomgomgomg

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  30. woooo! estra buenisimo deberian bajar las fotos completas para tenerlas bacan cool

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