New Robert Pattinson wallpapers by Verena   1 comment

Here are some great Robert Pattinson wallpapers made by Verena. Thanks for sharing those with us!


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New portrait of Robert Pattinson from The Rover LA Promo   1 comment

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David Michôd talks about Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s a new interview where David Michôd talks about Robert Pattinson


The Vent

Q: How did you choose Robert Pattinson?

A: I had met him before I even knew that The Rover was going to be my next movie, just as one of the billions of meetings that you do in Hollywood when your movie gets some attention. I really liked him. I didn’t know anything about him; I hadn’t seen the Twilight films, and I still haven’t seen them, but I just liked him. He was intelligent. I loved his physicality, I loved his face – his very unusual face. He’s quite beautiful, but strange and very open. When I knew that The Rover was going to be the next movie and I started testing for it, Rob was at the top of my list for people I wanted to see. He came in and demonstrated to me immediately that he was a really interesting actor. He came in with a really beautiful fully considered version of the character, because it’s a character that could be played in a lot of ways – it could be caricature, or it could be played as severely mentally disabled – and his test was just beautiful. He was hungry for it, as well, which was important to me. I knew that we were going to be spending a couple of months out in really quite testing conditions.

Q: How difficult was it?

A: It was really tough. It was really hot and very remote. No-one’s phone worked. We were just filthy all the time. But we were all together all the time – the entire crew, we’d work all day and then we’d go and stay at the same pretty shabby accommodation every night, and we’d just be together. We’d get drunk and sing songs.

Q: How did Robert find that?

A: Great, you know. I remember having one experience in one of the first towns we shot in. We’d finished shooting for the day; we would all gather at one of seven pubs in this town – it’s a town of like 300 people, but there’s seven pubs –and I remember one night I was walking across the street to the pub and I could see Rob walking down the street from the room that he was staying in towards the pub, walking down the street by himself, and as we got closer, he says to me, ‘I can’t begin to tell you how magical this experience is for me. I’m just walking down the street by myself.’



New Robert Pattinson fan video   Leave a comment

Here’s a great new fanvideo of Robert Pattinson by Verena. Thank you for sharing with us!



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New Pictures of Robert Pattinson from dinner benefiting the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Televison   4 comments

Here are two new pictures of Robert Pattinson at the Hazleton Hotel dinner benefiting the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Televison



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New/Old fan pictures of Robert Pattinson at the Q&A event in LA   1 comment

Here are some great pics of Robert Pattinson and David Michôd at ‘The Rover Q&A’ event in LA. Thanks to @SereniTwi for sharing these


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Old still of Robert Pattinson in The Rover now in UHQ   Leave a comment

Posted before but we now have it in UHQ


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