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so…this happened. went to NikeTown after the marathon and my mom ended taking a selfie with Robert Pattinson!

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New pictures of Robert Pattinson with fans   4 comments

New fan pictures of Robert Pattinson – October 10 & 11


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Sarah Gadon mentions Robert Pattinson  in an interview with ASOS


On her leading men co-stars:

“I love what Rob (Pattinson) did in Cosmopolis…on the outside he’s all ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, but he’s very smart

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One more picture from the Esquire photoshoot now bigger – Click for full size



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Old picture of Robert Pattinson from the Remember Me promo shoot now bigger   2 comments



Photoshoot pictures now HQ non-scans   Leave a comment




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Great article on Robert Pattinson: ‘Pattinson has immersed himself into acting school under fire.   1 comment

Here’s a really great article by Kevin Stewart on Robert Pattinson


From Moviepilot:

I sat through only one episode of the Twlight series that launched the fan craze of Robert Pattinson. The episode was,Eclipse. That was that. Pattinson did not register on my radar again until I saw him in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. I wondered, who is this actor. I did not yet know of his legacy as the Heart throbbing romantic vampire, Edward Cullen. Yet there in Cosmopolis, Pattinson sat in the back seat of a limo all groomed and grand playing the role of Eric Packer (a young billionaire). Pattinson seemed right for the part because despite all his popularity, Pattinson’s on screen presence can seem like that of a man out of place. In Cosmopolis he portrays a character who is indeed more stoic than ‘lost’ and it seems that Pattinson’s almost expressionless gaze was necessary for this role.

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