New photos of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Fall Campaign   4 comments

Here are new great photos of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Fall campaign

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BTS photos
Dior Mag International:

The Dior Homme Black Carpet Fall 2017 Campaign

Discover the images of the new Dior Homme campaign photographed in black and white by Karl Lagerfeld, in which the actor and House muse Robert Pattinson models the Black Carpet fall 2017 collection designed by Kris Van Assche.
Black, like Paris at nighttime. Black, like the timeless pieces that make up the Black Carpet line. Robert Pattinson embodies these corresponding worlds for Karl Lagerfeld’s camera. In black. In black and white.
Kris Van Assche, the Creative Director of Dior Homme, conceived this line as a bridge between masculine eveningwear and his more rebellious work with its street and sportswear inspirations: the Dior Homme art of tailoring and technical mastery of materials heighten the contrast with more casual pieces or details. In the same vein, the images shot by Karl Lagerfeld juxtapose the looks being worn with nocturnal scenes of the City of Light.

From WWD:

The “Twilight” star reunited with Karl Lagerfeld for his third ready-to-wear campaign for the French brand.

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS: Robert Pattinson’s brooding presence is played off against scenes of Paris by night in the new Dior Homme campaign, which breaks on the brand’s social media today and in print next week.

The fall pre-collection ads are set to appear in Italian daily La Reppublica’s Album Uomo supplement on March 30 and in the French edition of GQ magazine on March 31. For his third ready-to-wear campaign for the brand, the “Twilight” star again posed for Karl Lagerfeld, who captures the same intensity already evident in his night-themed spring campaign for Dior Homme featuring Pattinson on a Paris street after dark.

This time, the actor stayed in the studio, posing against a black backdrop in items designed by Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme’s Black Carpet collection. They range from a classic black tuxedo to a more casual jacket embroidered with a hand-drawn pattern.

Launched for spring 2017, the capsule line is conceived as “a connection between the classic masculine evening wardrobe and the more rebellious aspects of his street and sportswear inspirations,” said Dior Homme.  Lagerfeld has previously described Pattinson as “very easygoing and easy to photograph.But at the same time there is something mysterious about him, which I love.”

Dior Homme runs multiple campaigns customized for various media channels, with faces ranging from rapper A$AP Rocky to actor Rami Malek and singer and DJ Boy George. The spring and fall campaigns feature pre-collections, while the winter and summer campaigns focus on the runway line.

Pattinson has been the face of the Dior Homme fragrance since June 2013 and currently appears in ads for its flanker, Dior Homme Sport.

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  1. OMG he looks so handsome.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these! What great pictures. Rob looks fantastic!



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