Official Remember Me Poster   9 comments


I added the question marks, because this is obviously not a poster, it’s on a DVD case. It’s a good picture, nonetheless. 🙂

Edit: Many are saying it’s a movie poster frame, so I’ll go with that. Thanks, guys! 😀

Edit x2: Thanks to Maria, we have a better pic of the poster. It is, in fact, in a poster frame. *red face*


9 responses to “Official Remember Me Poster

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  1. dvd case?
    Looks more like one of those metal poster frames to me, the one where the posters are in at stores?

    i could be wrong but that was my first thought…
    plus the pic is clearly one we havent seen yet and it doesnt really look manipped to me…

  2. Hey, I would have questioned it too, considering it isn’t ‘officially’ from Summit. The first pic looked off, but this one looks better, can see the frame better.

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  5. aaaah, such a gourgeous smile ❤ looking forward to see him in this movie!c",)

  6. He looks so cute here. and the actresses face is obscured enough so I can pretend it is ME. My hair looks rather like hers there. I know dream on…)

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