Exclusive New Robert Pattinson Interview with Pattinson Online From the New Moon Press Junket   5 comments

We’re co-releasing a never before seen video of an interview Robert Pattinson did with our partner Pattinson Online at the New Moon press junket in LA. We’re releasing the second part of the video , the third part you can find on Pattinson Online here

This is also a great time for us to announce that we are now partners with Pattinson Online, so you can look forward to more joint postings like this one.

The video is embeddable we ask that if you use it you source both us and Pattinson Online. Please don’t upload to YouTube.

You find part 1 of the video on Pattinson Online homepage here

This is such a cute part of the interview where Jana stumps Rob with a riddle. I Love Rob’s reaction.


Janna “Stumps” Robert Pattinson from Pattinson Online Network on Vimeo.

5 responses to “Exclusive New Robert Pattinson Interview with Pattinson Online From the New Moon Press Junket

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    • God, he is SUCH a sweetheart!!!! Interview like this just so display what a down to earth, genuine guy Rob is. I SO love how fame is such a non-thing is to him. He seems soooo down to earth and apppreciative of “normal” non-crazy fans. I really hope he can maintain his sense of self and a non-chalant attitude about fame. That is the most endearing/appealing thing about him. He seems humble about this whole craziness that is happening around him and I hope he can retain that humble attitude!!! 🙂 Stay Sweet Rob!!!! I wish him nothing but the best in career and personal life! Remember to just breathe! 🙂

  2. Rob is so adorable…love him

  3. Rob is such a cutie! I loved it when he said “Really?”. He so CUTE!!

  4. Linsey I totally agree, Rob is such a normal down to earth guy and very humble, smart, funny and of course talented in music, acting and scripts.
    I’m so glad the Twilight cast are all nice people, especially Peter Facinelli, I think that probably helps Rob to stay grounded considering he never sees his family. Even though Kirsten was raised in LA by show-bizz parents I think she is probably down to earth as well for the most part.
    The Cullen actors seem to be such a happy little family.

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