My top 100 favorite pics from the Remember Me Set – Your Turn to Choose Yours   33 comments

I went through my Remember Me pics this morning and narrowed it down to my top 100 favorite pics from set. Here they are, now it’s your turn to pick your favorite and we’ll be doing the top 5 next week. Post your favorite in the comments.

More pics after the jump!

33 responses to “My top 100 favorite pics from the Remember Me Set – Your Turn to Choose Yours

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  1. My favourite pic of Rob is number 84 🙂 He looks very alluring and smiles very secretly 😉 Huh, I love it!
    Thanks for posting those pics, actually they’re all very nice 🙂

  2. 239 love it! you never see that look, very nice.

  3. For sure this one, b/c he’s lovely, but also b/c I have a similar pic of me 😛 haha.

  4. My favorite =)

  5. No…i’m not choosing I pick all of them

  6. I don’t know what picture is the best… I love them all!
    But my favorites are those when he is in statue of the Alice in wonderland with his “little sister”

  7. 63 it’s like a secret smile. love them.

  8. Last time I chose a sexy one. This time I’m picking freakin adorable as hell (and, ok sexy too, lol):

    A close second:

  9. i cant choose.he look really great on RM..i take all of them..haha
    cant wait for the movie

  10. So many beautiful pictures! Nearly impossible to choose just one, but I chose #111 because to me it captures Rob/Tyler perfectly. He looks thoughtful, vulnerable, sweet and reflective. I just want to sit beside him and give him a hug. Don’t even get me started with the plaid shirt-suit-rayban Rob pix! They are all perfection! He is one fine man! March 12th anyone?!

  11. I LOVE ALL PICS!!! *sigh*

    If I could choose only one! This would be it:

  13. I Love them all of course but I will vote for the 7th one in the last column. The one where he is walking out of his trailer w/ sunglasses on and an open brown shirt w/ a white t under it.

  14. If I had to choose (and that is a tall order), it would be RM_set_703.jpg. Or maybe RM_set_111.jpg. Or maybe 72.jpg. That’s the best I can do at choosing! Thanks for posting these pics. You had some that I had never seen before.

  15. In case you wondered what pic I meant w/ the brown shirt.

  16. He is just SO unbelievably good with this kid, it’s the main reason I can’t wait for this movie!!! Just look at this:

    One the edge. A classic that is one of my all time faves.

    A picture is more than a thousand words.

    … and a smile is more than a thousand pics 😀

  17. and

    OMR that was hell to choose.

    But I picked the gorgeous smile and fingerporn.


    xo from Belgium

  18. Once again the choice is very difficult to make. If we can ONLY choose one I pick this one.

  19. linnndooooooo

  20. mis favoritas son 7, 33, 37, 52, 63, y 98. REMEMBER ME, estoy deseando ver esa pelicula, ROBERT es un gran gran actor, va a estar genial.ES UNA PERSONA GENIAL. GRACIAS ROBERT

  21. My favorite is #98. I love how he looked at the kid. It is full of emotion and kindness. He seemed so interested to whatever the boy is talking. It showed how goodhearted and polite Rob is.

  22. Well if I must choose just one I think it shall be 112, but srsly they’re all to sigh for.

  23. love them all, but my pick is the raybans 🙂

  24. God, I really can’t choose. No way, they all are so good,…
    but THANK YOU. Your choice has been wonderful!!!
    I love numbers 72, 49, 70, 1101, 703

  25. I’m kind of partial to this one…

    actually I’m partial to all of them, but I’m being ruthless.

  26. my fav is#239 that is an amazing look on his face . so frickin sexy.

  27. I already picked one,but #77 is really nice also his smile is the best.And damn does he look sexy all beat up. Just makes me want to take him home with me and kiss all the booboos and make them all better.

  28. Miracle

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