2009 in Pics of Robert Pattinson – Part 4 – New Moon   6 comments

Here’s part 4 of 2009 in pics. So far we’ve done pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Remem ber Me, at Comic-Con, in Japan, in Cannes, at the Oscars, on the set of New Moon, at the VMAs, at the TCAs, at the MTV Movie Awards and Photoshoot pics. Today I’m doing New Moon pics, screencaps, etc. Tomorrow will be the rest of 2009 . You can find part 1 here ,  part 2 here and part 3 here.

Some of these are stills from the New Moon Companion that we untagged (some of which I untagged this morning) others are magazine scans that we removed the magazine tags from and some are screencaps we made. So if you’ve just recently started following the site some of these may be new to you.  Others are from other sites but they’ve been on my computer for so long that I can’t remember which…

More pics after the jump!

6 responses to “2009 in Pics of Robert Pattinson – Part 4 – New Moon

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  2. It´s getting better and better every day… 🙂
    Love the Pics…

  3. I guess I’m dead…!!!! pictures are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. okay it might just be the heinekens but theres a pic of him shot from the back when he’s standing in the doorway in volterra! Dear God help me to be a better woman! He looks so incredible it’s not even ….*gasps again and …..Thud! take a look ladies and see if I’m lyin’? You can almost make out the shadows as wings! yep! Angel wings folded neatly away into the recess of his glorious shoulder blades. omg! I’m dyin’ here! need another drink of my heiney! lol !!!! god these are good after such a long drought of not bein’ able to. kids. alcoholic husband. kids are away at overnighters and husband is an ex now! lol ahaaahhh and now I have Robert and his glorious angel winged back! oh Lord of Plenty I’ve been blessed!

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