2009 in Black & White and Colour Enhanced Pics of Robert Pattinson   9 comments

As promised here’s a recap of 2009 in black & white and colour enhanced pics of Robert Pattinson. I looked through tons of folders on my computer to find 100 pics. The majority of these I did. Some of the black & whites were done by Corr, who did the majority of our black & whites when we first started. We miss you Corr and wish you all the best in 2010.

More pics after the jump!

9 responses to “2009 in Black & White and Colour Enhanced Pics of Robert Pattinson

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  1. oh mah jeezus

  2. Daaaaayummmmmmmmm,

    you guys are the bestest!

  3. Ugh you kill me with these pic spams. Keep on going lol

  4. totally agree….. You are the best!!! 🙂

  5. Oh god, thankssss !!!!! the best happy new year I got !!!!

  6. YEAH! I’M WITH VANESSAREI I HAVE TO SAY…oh my dear, dear Gaaaawwd! Now seein’ ‘im all enhanced with Angelic light around ‘im…I know there is truth the old bible stories of Angels coupling with human women. Rob definitely has Angel DNA running through his perfectly proportioned limbs! Just looook at him ladies we are witnessing an Angelic piece of human dna that has chosen to rear it’s Godly head in our culture, in our society today. Amongst us humans he has chosen to walk and he isn’t really aware of this maybe being the reason for his incredible looking body! Rob is as Angelic on the inside of his brain as the rest of his body. Unless of course he knows from where he descends and is just teasing us! Or is he’s just so consumed with being a living breathing walking human representation of the Angelic realm, that he doesn’t thinkk about having sex with human women or he does think about it every waking minute of every day. Hmmmmmmmmmmm….what a conundrum. Discuss ladies and thanks for the pics by the way. Thanks doesn’t even begin to cover the electricity running through my frame right now.

  7. oh mah gawd. speechless. this man is beyond hot. gawjus!!!!!!!! my friends friend was in california and rob pattinson was in the store next to him, he tried taking a pic but security pushed him out. lol.

  8. but the bad thing is is tht he smokes =[ and he drinks not very edward like which is kind of a downer. i wish his character was exactly like him

  9. I LOVE it when you smile Rob!!! It makes me warm all over. You have the kind of smile that would melt anyones heart. Thanks for the pictures!! He is very beautiful. I would agree with Lisa, he is angelic.

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