Update on Robert Pattinson's Upcoming Movie Bel Ami   1 comment

Here’s an update on Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movie Bel Ami.

From CNN:

Uma Thurman is set to help Robert Pattinson cut his teeth as a bad-boy journalist in “Bel Ami,” which begins filming next month.

“They are planning on doing the film ‘Bel Ami’ in London,” Thurman’s rep told PEOPLE, confirming the actress’ involvement. Of a reported scripted kiss between the stars, the rep said, “The plot of the movie is not being released just yet.”

Pattinson — cast in May in the story based on the 19th-century novel by Guy De Maupassant — will also be joined onscreen by Christina Ricci, reportedly as a promiscuous young housewife, and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The actor, 23, who plays a Parisian soldier-turned-journalist, has said that the lead female role in the movie “needs to be literally inspirational.”

One can only guess that Thurman, 39, fills the bill — and then some.

Via Pattinson Online

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