The Fandom Gives Back Writing Stories to Help With Haiti   Leave a comment

The Fandom Gives back is holding a special charity for Haiti. See details below.

From The Fandom Gives Back:

Our dear friend and fellow author MsKathy has extended a plea for help all to benefit the devastation in Haiti.

Fandom Gives Back has teamed up with our affiliates who have started donation efforts to aid in brining relief to Haiti.

Please also check out, Pattinson Online, Thinking of Rob and @Pattinson411 who’ve already begun a huge worldwide team effort in collecting donations.

From MsKathy

I’ve issued a challenge to all of my friends who love TwiFic.

Donate at least $5 to a charity of your choice, to help Haiti, and I will deliver a pre-written lemony good 1K minimum story to your email box. This will be a story written that I share with all people who donate.

Thanks to the generosity of my fellow fic authors, this has turned into a small collection of stories. This will now include contributions of varying length (not necessarily lemony, not necessarily TwiFic)

Check out the rest of the info on their site.

Posted January 14, 2010 by gittsy in Robert Pattinson

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