Details About The 'New Moon' Scandinavian 3-Disc Box Set   9 comments

This box set is called Bellas Box, and includes the following:

Disc 1: The feature film + commentary

Disc 2: Total selected added value (128 min):

– 6-part Documentary: (65 min) Life After TwilightChris WeitzTakes the HelmThe Subtle DetailsTime to ShineTricks of the TradeReady for the World

– Music Videos: (12 min)Death Cab for Cutie -Meet Me On the EquinoxAnya Marina -Satellite HeartMuse -B&W rehearsal footage ofI Belong To YouMute Math -Spotlight (from Twilight Soundtrack)Team Jacob and Team Edward

– Becoming Jacob(6 min)

– Introducing the Wolf Pack (9 min)

– Shooting in Italy (7 min)

– Extended Scenes: (29 min)

ShoolCorridor Extended (1:20)

English Class Extended (1:26)

Carlisle Stitches Bella Extended (2:54)

Scrap Metal Extended (3:00)

Start of Cinema Lobby Extended (1:27)

Phoning Jake Extended (1:00)

Meeting Laurent Extended (4:54)

Jake in Bella’s Room Extended (5:00)

Outside Emily’s Extended (1:28)

Leaving for Italy Extended (:27)

Edward Meets VolturiExtended (2:38)

Home from Italy Extended (2:34)

I See you’re Still Alive Extended (:41)

See the rest after the jump

Disc 3:

• The remaining added value (122 min):

• Deleted Scenes: (15 min)

Bella’s Birthday Cake (:21)

Driving Home From Party (1:00)

Waking in the Woods (2:34)

Charlie Puts Bella in Bed (1:15)

Bike Crash (1:05)

Bella’s Nightmare and Chat w/ Charlie (4:12)

Remembering the Meadow (2:04)

Mike is Left at Cinema (:58)

I’m Here If You Want to Talk (:51)

Victoria Driving (1:38)

Jake Drives Bella Home (5:05)

• Edward Fast Forward (30 min)

• Jacob Fast Forward (33 min)

• Interview with the Volturi(12 min)

• Fandimonium(7 min)

• The Beat Goes On: The Music of New Moon (5 min)

• Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen (15-20 min)

Loving Rob via RPLife

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9 responses to “Details About The 'New Moon' Scandinavian 3-Disc Box Set

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  1. Do you know anything about how it will be released? And will it be released on March 20th, along with the “normal” dvd?

    • No, sorry, I don’t know anything about the release besides what was posted. We will posts updates as we know about them though.

  2. Hey, I’m Scandinavian!! Woot! Please, let this be released in Norway, on March 20th. Pleeeease.

  3. Will there be a 3 disc Box Set of New Moon released in the US???

  4. Can we buy the Scandinavian 3-Disc Box Set? I’m getting the idea that there will not be anything like this, the Japanese or UK versions released in the US. Also very disappointed that this release is not going to contain a running commentary with Rob, Kristen and Taylor. I have to tell you that the commentary on Twilight was one of my favorite parts of of watching the DVD. (Hopefully I am totally wrong about this and have misread some of the online articles) Anyone have any details?

  5. Hey, you from Norway! I`m an Norwegian too, check out! It is priced with 299 nok 🙂

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