Robert Pattinson repainted dolls.   8 comments

Noel Cruz is an artist with a passion for faces. He has been repainting dolls for 8 years but has been drawing portraits all his life. He has since painted hundreds of dolls, many of which are displayed right  in his website.

The rest of pictures after the jump.


Posted January 24, 2010 by Sparks in Robert Pattinson, Twilight

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8 responses to “Robert Pattinson repainted dolls.

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  2. Wow.. Thats freakin awesome!

  3. hey where can i buy one those???

  4. Calling all robert pattinson fans please vote for him at

    As the most attractive man as as only a few hours are left and he is about to loose to hugh laurie!

  5. This artist obviously does an amazing job but I saw that her last RPatts doll sold for over $2500 on eBay – yowza! Really remarkable repaints, though!

    : )

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