Robert Pattinson Number Three On Fashion Bean's 'Best Dressed' List   2 comments

No.3 – Robert Pattinson

“Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me as a girl and introduced me as ‘Claidia’! Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel.” – Robert Pattinson

However, I don’t think the 23-year-old British actor’s hair was the only thing bringing him into the public eye. Besides his rise to fame over the last 12 months in the Twilight saga, he has also become a big interest in the fashion world, possibly due to his Mum working at a model agency, which he sampled before acting. Rob’s style has been described as ‘emo and ’90’s grunge’ by many different magazines, with his loose shirts, fitted jeans, suit jackets and converse, not to mention the wayfarers, which he seems to be sporting on many occasions.

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His style is completely different to most celebs in Hollywood as it is so laid back and clearly adored by the Twilight fans, but fans weren’t the only ones who noticed the fashion sense of Mr Pattinson, as designer Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana revealed in GQ that Robert Pattinson is “Extremely elegant and inspiring, the true essence of a contemporary man.” No wonder he was recently voted GQ’s best dressed British male this year.

Editor Opinion

When Lee sent me through this list I asked whether we had been gathering the opinions of 15 year old girls… I mean how else can Robert Pattinson crack a best dressed list right? It wasn’t until I read what other’s have said about him and saw some of the outfits he has put together that I began to take him a little more seriously. The “guy with the hair” suddenly became more interesting and maybe I had jumped to conclusions because I can’t stand anything to do with sexy Vampire movies!

Looking at the images above I think he has definitely become a role model to the younger generation who want an edgy and bang on trend style. He dresses his age when in casual situations but can also look very sharp when it comes to public appearances and premieres. I would say that this is the type of guy who probably doesn’t have a stylist on a daily basis which makes his look even better in my eyes. He definitely seems to have effortless cool and a ‘don’t give a f*ck’ attitude which I think works in his own personal look.

For those counting [above] he has hit a lot of the major trends we saw last year on the head with everything from worker boots, chino’s, checked shirts/overshirts and even quilting. I think he knows and follows fashion a little more than he let’s on, but this is a prime example of dressing for YOU and pulling it off. He is never immaculately groomed and his outfits are never precise and carefully thought out, which makes them work. He feels comfortable and confident in his clothes and I would assume about himself as well. He might be the perfect example of the man making the clothes and not the other way around.

Let’s just say that I am relieved we didn’t have him at number one though!


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2 responses to “Robert Pattinson Number Three On Fashion Bean's 'Best Dressed' List

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  1. Omgomgomg, I am laughing so hard I cant breeeeeathe!!

    “I think he knows and fol­lows fash­ion a lit­tle more than he let’s on,” Uhm.. i think he had ya fooled. Sorry. LMAO I think he really doesnt give a shit, as long as it fits (or almost fits)

    God, this article is total WIN!!!

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