Robert Pattinson On a Pepsi Can and Bottle   11 comments

Yes, you read that right. Robert Pattinson, along with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, on a New Moon Limited Edition Pepsi can. Kinda makes us wonder “what’s next?”

Via pattinsonlife and New Moon Movie

11 responses to “Robert Pattinson On a Pepsi Can and Bottle

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  1. oh come on… JF… and why the hell now??

  2. OMG eu qero uma lata dessa ! *.*

  3. I know whats next.. Toilet paper. I bet nobody ever thought of that. xD *lol*

  4. if anything it should have been a COKE can!

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  6. I still would drink Pepsi!! LOL

  7. Are u serious? 😀 i want one lol! Woot woot! Maybe a TV 😀 jk jk! It should be of just Rob right? 😀 haha

  8. where can we buy that!!! I want one for my collection!!

  9. nevermind…the new moon pepsi products are only availbale in Italy. NO FAIR!!!

  10. yo kiero una lata, alguien sabe si vendra a mexico?? Saludos

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