Amazing Korean Twilight Notebook   17 comments

Here’s a great Korean Twilight notebook. Thanks to Rpattzchinafans for sending the pics to us.

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Posted January 30, 2010 by gittsy in Twilight

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17 responses to “Amazing Korean Twilight Notebook

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  1. so jealous right now .. i want one .. it’s amazing!

  2. OK, I want one right now.. I have many diaries at the moment, but nothing’s better than this one:-)

  3. I’ve already ordered one,and will get the notebook next week,so looking forward to it:-)

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  5. Where can you buy it. I want it so bad.

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  7. Where can I order this? I would love to have this.

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  9. This item looks great! I would love to have it aswell.
    So far the only place i’ve been able to find it is on ebay

  10. Why do all the other countries have Twilight related stuff that is so much better than we have in the US – it’s almost like they think much more of the series than we do! Or maybe just better marketing

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  12. OMG!! Is so gorgeous!!
    I’m sad, because this beautiful thinks is only in Korea.

    I want it!!!! XD

  13. Manno wo kann man das kaufen das ist so winder schön ich möchte das auch haben!!! Aber ich finde das nirgends!!!

  14. Does anyone know were to buy it?

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