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Old/New Pics of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in Montepulciano   3 comments

Here are some old/new pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Montepulciano during the filming of New Moon.


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Black and White Pics of Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Some random black and white pics of Robert Pattinson.


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2 New Robert Pattinson Wallpapers   4 comments

Two new wallpapers made by @gittsy

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Piano Rob:

Premiere Rob:

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Jimmy Fallon Speaks About Working With Robert Pattinson on Robert is Bothered   3 comments

Jimmy Fallon stopped by NBC’s day of the TCA press tour on Friday to talk about hosting the Emmys and Late Night. We caught up with him at the party later that night, where we couldn’t help but ask about working with Robert Pattinson on Robert is Bothered. Jimmy had nothing but glowing words for the Twilight star, who caused the loudest fan screams of any guest he’s had on the show.

PopSugar: Can we expect to see Robert is Bothered at the Emmys?
Jimmy Fallon: Of all the bits on our show that we can do, we gave [the Academy] 10 different versions of all sorts of things we could do, to which they said these are all great, but we have to give out awards. So we have to cut it down to three bits. And Robert is Bothered was not in there. I pitched Robert is Bothered for Teen Choice Awards.

PS: How was Robert Pattinson to work with on Robert is Bothered?
He was a great sport. He climbed up in the tree and did it with us. I’ve never heard louder screams in my life. The screams didn’t compare to anyone, even when Justin Bieber has been on. He was describing his movie Remember Me and people would just not stop screaming. And I was just thinking this is so cool. What an experience. I really hope he’s enjoying this ride. He’s a great guy and he deserves it. He was really shy and really happy — exactly the same backstage as he is on the interview. He’s a charming guy, but just really shy and I just hope he’s enjoying the moment. It must be super exciting to be him.

BuzzSugar via RpattzDaily

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New Water for Elephants Wallpaper   4 comments

Here’s a new Water for Elephants wallpaper made by twveronika

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Weekly Wrap-Up of the Pics & Quotes of The Day   2 comments

Here’s the weekly wrap-up of pics and quotes of the day.

“I don’t have any problems with having a two-month long period with no one to speak to” – Robert Pattinson (when asked if he was lonely)

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1930s Style Pics of Robert Pattinson on the Set of Water for Elephants in Georgia Yesterday   4 comments

Here are some 1930s versions of the pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Water for Elephants in Georgia yesterday.

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*NEW* Pics of Robert Pattinson on set of WFE – July 30   6 comments

Here are some new pics of Rob on the set of Water for Elephants in rural Georgia. Loving the suit and bow tie 🙂

WFE,Water for Elephants,Robert Pattinson,July 30

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Water for Elephants: A Rube's-Eye View (PART 3)   1 comment


The following was written by CodyWood who’s a rube on the set of Water for Elephants. You can read the previous entry he made here.

“Ladies and Gentleman!” His hand stretched toward us and traced the circular bleachers. He wore a bright red jacket neatly stuffed with a crisp white handkerchief. The black top hat fit snugly and in his left hand he held a long black baton. “… The most spectacular show on earth!!” He shot his baton toward the entrance of the tent and the crowd erupted with applause. I clapped my hands and whooped. There were no animals entering the tent as suggested. In fact, absolutely nothing happened but we continued to cheer. Christoph Waltz had made an announcement that caused our hair to stand on end and imaginations to run wild.

By the third take some of the magic had worn off but Christoph continued the performance like it had been his first. Once the shot was complete we returned to our holding tent. I found an area of the tent where a steady breeze of air came through and wrote song titles inspired by the story of Water for Elephants.

The AD returned about 45 minutes later. “Ok, I need some nimble people. If you think you’re nimble, follow me!” I closed my notebook and stuffed it in my open backpack. The AD wore a bright blue shirt that was easy to follow to the entrance of the tent. He lifted the flap and one by one we passed into the Big Top. The AD suddenly blocked the entrance. “Woah woah woah. I said nimble. Come on now.” A gentleman that was probably in his early seventies froze like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The AD continued, “Go back to holding please. This is for nimble folks only.” The man turned with his head tilted toward the ground and walked away. For a second I felt bad for the man but why had he joined a group of twenty-somethings for an action shot?

Inside the tent four horses were harnessed to a tall carriage stuffed with men holding band instruments. The horses were pointed toward the entrance of the tent. Our gang of “nimble” Rubes were placed precariously in the bleachers near the carriage while Francis Lawrence and Rodrigo Prieto, the cinematographer, stood close-by discussing the angle of the next shot. Our instructions were to look shocked. This turned out to be very easy. On “Action” the horses took off like cavalry. As the carriage tipped side-ways the stunt musicians were strategically thrown from the cart and instruments went flying in all directions. My mouth opened and my muscles tightened. I stared at the men spread across the dusty circus floor in shock – no acting skills necessary.

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Fans Didn't Get to Meet Robert Pattinson But the Ice Cream Man Did   4 comments


From WRCB:

CHICKAMAUGA, GA (WRCB) – Their reasons for adoring Robert Pattinson may vary, but they’re all here for the same reason, in hopes of the chance to lay their eyes on the Twilight Saga star.

“I just think he looks cute,” Saddler Emory says.

“I love his eyes, they are gorgeous,” Destiny Johnson adds.

“We’re  just hoping to get a glimpse or if he’d say thanks for coming  or just wanted an autograph,”Samantha Johnson says.

It surely wasn’t for a lack of enthusiasm or patience. Some of these folks have been here since the wee hours of the morning.   The storyline here is he filmed and snuck right out, under the noses of all these crooning ladies.

Johnson says she was disappointed, but not giving up.  She adds, “People were crying. One lady was furious.”

Wait till she hears this, of all the hearts that were melting here Friday, guess who met him?  The ice cream man.

“He’s real nice, a normal person to me,” Tony Gross says.

So the ice cream man made it to the set. And while we can’t show you a shot of the star with his fans on Friday night. We can tell you what ice cream he picked.

“Vanilla big dipper,” Gross says.

A Vanilla Big Dipper is similar to a sundae cone, some call it a nutty buddy.