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Black and White Pics of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Random black and white pics of Robert Pattinson


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Why We're Not Doing the Respect Rob Campaign Again But Ways For You Guys to Act   13 comments

We’ve received many e-mails and tweets today regarding the new pics of Robert Pattinson that came out last night. A while back we did a Respect Rob campaign and people were asking us if we were starting it again. Yes we’ve seen the pics, yes they left us feeling disgusted. However we will not be doing the Respect Rob Campaign again. The last campaign took a huge amount of our time and a lot of effort and the only thing it amounted too was a lot of hate directed towards us. Hate we are still getting once in a while.

Many people have been telling us “We can’t not do anything!” Like the rest of you, we too wish we could do something. So here are some ways to help. You can contact The Paparazzi Reform Initiative by clicking here. You can also contact who can also be found on twitter here. Hope this post is helpful to you guys.

As of right now we feel that we’ve done everything we could.

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Robert Pattinson in possible 'Entourage' cameo?   5 comments

E! Online ask Mark Wahlberg about the chances of Robert Pattinson appearing on Entourage.



We don’t think it’s too soon to be asking about future guest stars for the show or movie, so though maybe we should suggest some possible cameos. Maybe, say…Robert Pattinson? And would they ever bring him on if he was interested?


“Umm, that’s the kid from Twilight?” asked Mark. “Yeah. We’ll see about that.”


Oh, Mr. Wahlberg, you coy little devil! We’re certain this isn’t the last you’ll hear about getting R.Pattz to make a cameo as Vince’s next co-star or Ari’s erstwhile client.”



You can read the rest the interview here 



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Video: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in UK Volvo Ad   3 comments

DigitalCinemaMedia via Twilight Britney Fan

2 New Black & White Robert Pattinson Wallpapers   3 comments

Here’s are 2 great new Robert Pattinson wallpapers made by gittsy

Click to make bigger


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Video: Anna Kendrick Speaks About Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con 2010   3 comments

Here’s a video where Anna Kendrick speaks about Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con 2010.
It starts at 3:20

Source: Twilight Ladies

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Pic of The Day & Quote of The Day Round-Up   1 comment

Here’s our weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day.


“I’ve reached a high level of fame at an incredible speed. All the movies by authors, the independent movies that I dream to make will surely suffer from it. But it could also help them. I don’t know yet. If Godard hired a French teen idol to be the star of his movie wouldn’t it turn out to be nothing much? I feel like I have the future in front of me but I also know that I have to make the proper decision to get what I want.” – Robert Pattinson (on how he sees the future of his career)

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