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Reese Witherspoon Says Robert Pattinson Could Teach Her a Few Things on Avoiding Paparazzi   2 comments


From USA Today:

Newly married Reese Witherspoon says she could learn a thing or two about fame from Water for Elephants co-star Robert Pattinson.

Did she try to give him advice? “Me?!” she gasped to USA TODAY’s Andrea Mandell via phone. “If anything I’d probably be asking his advice. He has, like, military tactics to avoid paparazzi. It’s pretty incredible the operations that go on.”

In the film (a tan!) R-Patz takes a break from hunky vampire Edward Cullen to join the Water for Elephants’ 1930s-set circus. And while Reese says her kids are still too young for Twilight, the age range of fans camping out by the Water for Elephants set was unbelievable. “I’ve worked with a lot of people but I’ve never seen the amount of attention or paparazzi or just fans camped out on the edge of the set ever in my whole life,” she says. “There’d be little, little girls camped out, 7-year-olds with their parents at 4 o’clock in the morning. Five o’clock in the morning we’d pull off of set – I was bleary eyed and there’d be 10 women waiting on the roof of their cars just trying to see him.”

Why We're Not Doing the Respect Rob Campaign Again But Ways For You Guys to Act   13 comments

We’ve received many e-mails and tweets today regarding the new pics of Robert Pattinson that came out last night. A while back we did a Respect Rob campaign and people were asking us if we were starting it again. Yes we’ve seen the pics, yes they left us feeling disgusted. However we will not be doing the Respect Rob Campaign again. The last campaign took a huge amount of our time and a lot of effort and the only thing it amounted too was a lot of hate directed towards us. Hate we are still getting once in a while.

Many people have been telling us “We can’t not do anything!” Like the rest of you, we too wish we could do something. So here are some ways to help. You can contact The Paparazzi Reform Initiative by clicking here. You can also contact who can also be found on twitter here. Hope this post is helpful to you guys.

As of right now we feel that we’ve done everything we could.

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Life for Robert Pattinson on the set of Remember Me today   1 comment

Yankeegirl51680 was on set today and took these pics. They are done filming for the night.

Enough fans for you?


Paps stalking Rob’s trailer

Paps stalking 2