Holliday Grainger Talks ‘Bel Ami’ & Working With Robert Pattinson

Holliday Grainger starred in ‘The Bad Mother’s Handbook’ and in the upcoming ‘Bel Ami’ with Robert Pattinson:

“Can you talk about the roles you did in Jane Eyre and Bel Ami, which you also have coming out this year?

GRAINGER: When I was younger, I always wanted to do period drama and never got to do it, until last January. And then, this last year was just period drama after period drama. I have a small part in Jane Eyre. I’m one of the Rivers sisters that saves Jane (Mia Wasikowska) from destitution. They’re a very lovely, very godly, very pure family. Bel Ami is the opposite. My character is more like Lucrezia. She’s an evil little witch that knows what she wants and is out to get the guy that she wants. She’s willing to upset her mom and upset anyone, just to get the guy that she wants.

Did you get to work with Robert Pattinson?

GRAINGER: Yeah, my character’s scenes are mainly with Rob ‘cause she marries him in the end. She does get him.”

Read the rest of her interview over at Collider


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