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New/Old ‘Breaking Dawn: Part I’ BTS Picture   1 comment

From EW:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, EW has an exclusive photo from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. It’s a behind-the-scenes pic of Edward and Bella’s “first” wedding — you know the one where everyone ends up dead, but it turns out to be just a dream.



New Cosmopolis Interview   2 comments


Where you familiar with Don DeLillo’s novel?

No. Nut I had read a few of his other novels. First I read the script that David Cronenberg sent me and then the novel. One is incredibly faithful to the other, in a way that it seems impossible, for a novel that seemed impossible to adapt. But even before reading the book, what I was most impressed was the tension without release and the fast rhythm of the script.

What caught your attention the most about the movie?

Cronenberg, obviously. I’ve acted in other movies and non of them reached the level of what I expected working with him would be. He did not disappoint… I knew that it would be very creative and that it would be an authentic experience. And I was also very attracted to the prose in the script, similar to a long poem. And a mysterious poem too. Usually, when you read a script, you know very quickly what is it about, where is it going, how will it end; even if there are unexpected or sophisticated twists, or plot inversions. But this time it was completely different, the more I read, the least I could imagive where was it going and I wanted to be part of it even more. It can no be boxed in any movie genre, it stands as it’s own.

When you read the script the first time, did you see yourself playing the part? Could you imagine how it would look visually?

Not at all. The first time I spoke with David, that is exactly what I told him, that I could not visualize it and he said that he thought it was good that I couldn’t. And at this point, we where not thinking much in anticipation, there was an evolution that was progressive, organic; starting with the text and then going into the many visual options to give form to the movie. It’s a life process. Even during the first week of filming, we would ask ourselves how would the movie look once it was done. It was fascinating, I felt like the movie made itself.

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