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Eric Maddox talks about Mission: Blacklist and Robert Pattinson   5 comments

Eric Maddox talks about the movie Mission: Blacklist, casting & meeting Rob and what he might wear in the movie

ROBERICMADDOX Eric Maddox – interrogator, author and OU alumnus explained the process of finding and capturing Saddam Hussein and detailed the dilemmas he faced to about 300 people in Oklahoma Memorial Union’s Molly Shi Boren Ballroom.
This same story is encapsulated in his book, “Mission: Blacklist #1,” on which a movie will be based starring Robert Pattinson, who will play Maddox.

“Somebody wants to make a movie about my story – it’s very exciting,” Maddox said.

Maddox said he has already met and gotten to know Pattinson.

“He’s a great guy,” Maddox said. “When they brought his name up to me, I had never heard of him before. I don’t believe in vampire movies and stories. I just didn’t know who he was.”

Maddox said he wore a single blue shirt for months in his search for Hussein, with no other changes of clothes. The shirt has a bigmouth bass embossed on it, Velcro pockets and bloodstains.

“I’ve still got it [the shirt.] I think Rob is gonna wear it in the movie,” Maddox said.

Maddox had to wait five years to tell his story and write the book due to the U.S. government preferring to keep it classified, he said.

“Since then, the United States government wanted me to endorse the movie, and wanted me to say who I am and what I do,” he said.

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Fan shares story about how Rob saved the alligator from the Vanity Fair photoshoot   5 comments

Remember the alligator on the cover of Vanity Fair with Rob? Here is the story of how Rob helped free Hollywood.

“Just thought I would share the rest of the story with you all… Well, we all know this picture right? I was visiting Insta-gator in Louisiana last weekend with some fellow twilighters and happened to spot it on the wall. I raced over to it and, although the pic doesn’t show it clearly, the paper above the pic says that the alligator, appropriately named, Hollywood, lives at the ranch and that if you ask the tour guide, you can meet him!!!! I immediately went into stealth mode knocking people over trying to find the guide because anything that touched Rob, I MUST TOUCH! Anyway, finally found the guide, who we had nicknamed Marshmallow Man, because he fed the gators marshmallows and because he was hot, and he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about, all braun, no brains, I guess. He told us to go ask the short, red-headed guy. So I did, and do you know what he told me? He said, “Hollywood’s not here anymore. Rob paid to have him released back into the wild. It’s the only time we’ve ever done that.” Needless to say, tears started to form, not because I didn’t get to meet the gator, but because our Rob is that sweet! I cried and love him even more if that’s possible! And that my friends, is the rest of the story.”

Here’s the video of Hollywood getting released
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New/Old Fan Picture of Robert Pattinson in Toronto   2 comments

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New/Old Fan Pictures of Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Here are some new fan pics of Robert Pattinson from the Breaking Dawn: Part II Premiere in Madrid & Los Angeles and a fan pic from the MTV Movie Awards in 2011

Breaking Dawn: Part II Madrid


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