*VIDEO* New interview with Eric Maddox – ‘Mission: Blacklist’ starts filming in August   12 comments

News on 6 (Oklahoma) interviewed Eric Maddox.

Now, the story is about to go public in a very mainstream way. Maddox wrote a book a couple of years ago. You probably haven’t seen much of it, but a movie studio immediately bought the rights.

Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame, has signed on to play Maddox, and the screenplay is being done by the writer behind “Band of Brothers”.

Shooting begins this August.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld was so eager to keep Maddox’s services, that he established a civilian force of interrogators, hiring Maddox as the very first one.

His work for the Department of Defense continues to this day.

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12 responses to “*VIDEO* New interview with Eric Maddox – ‘Mission: Blacklist’ starts filming in August

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  1. Love this news. Really hope it will happen for rob. It’s sounds like a really amazing and unforgetable story.

  2. Very excited about this project. Huge fan of Band of Brothers, have watched it many times. The screenplay for MB will be excellent.

    • Hey hon, awwwww, so nice!!
      It’s just us and Rob!!

      • Hello Roblltheway. It’s good to see you. Organic popcorn ?? lol Just us and Rob ? I wish xx Have you seen Band of Brothers ?

        • I don’t believe I have, but then again knowing me I could have but can’t remember. My hubby will know for sure if I have, so will have to check with him if we have…lol
          I am hopeless. Do you recommend me watching it?…actually I am going to look it up on the net now to see if it looks familiar. Be right back!

          • It was quite simply the best thing ever made about the second world war, in my humble opinion. Brilliant in all respects. As I said, have watched it many times. Introduced us to many great actors…including Michael Fassbender. x

            • So love Michael F, oh my what a man he is…if you know what I mean..lol something’s never change, behave yourself girl…stop with the lusting..so sorry hon, and yes I am a shame.
              Back to being serious, just research band of brothers and it was a mini series on TV, so I know for sure I have not seen it. So, due to your high recommendation I will definitely watch it!!
              How is your headache?!

  3. Omg…I cannot wait….as usual I will be sneaking in my organic popcorn, and my water in my bag to the movie theatre, and no I won’t tell you guys where I live!!!
    Shout out to RobFanForLife!!

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