New Robert Pattinson Dior Ad Pics   11 comments

Here are new pics of Robert Pattinson’s Dior Ad. See the ones we’ve posted before here & here


See more pics after the jump

A couple more pictures from Swedish blog Kicks – thanks @Mijaloow | via RPLife

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11 responses to “New Robert Pattinson Dior Ad Pics

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  1. Is he kissing her or choking her!!! Majorly dislike on this one. That’s not Rob!!!

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  3. So nice to see what Rob is doing these days but I must agree with the previous posted remark. I feel a lot of his poses are too sad faced lately. His usual sparkle just wasn’t there on these but I guess it depends on what the directed asked of him in all fairness. Since he is posing for this “Christian” It would be so wonderful if he is chosen to play the “Christian Grey” character in Fifty Shades of Grey. I only see Robert when I re-read that story.

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  5. I don’t think you can really judge yet based on these pictures. Dior did state that the campaign is based on James Dean, which is known for his tormented and intense roles as an actor, so I think the setting is fitting. Can’t wait to see the complete commercial.

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  7. Do we know WHEN these ads were actually shot? What month/year?

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  9. Before anything in this thread gets out of hand:
    1) We don’t post about Rob’s personal life. Any insults made to him will be deleted
    2) Let’s keep this place drama free like we normally do.
    3) Any insults made to others will be deleted.


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