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*VIDEO* Martin Katz talks Maps to the Stars and Robert Pattison   Leave a comment

Martin Katz (Producer) starts at about 11.53 –and  talks about Robert Pattinson  at 16.45


Special Post – Remember 9-11   2 comments

“Every life has a meaning… whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds… Every life…
And every death… changes the world in its own way…”
– Will Fetter (Remember Me Script)

We’re taking a moment today to make a special post to remember the victims of 9-11. To remember the heroes who risked their lives for others & to those who lost a loved one that day.

So this post is for you… for every life affected:
We will never forget…
Tribute video made by FP:
2  years ago, 10 years later we made a special post with all the stories people sent to us. HERE is the link to this post. Go read all the amazing stories.

After the jump a few more wallpapers we made in the past for 9-11

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