Belgian site lists ‘Map to the Stars’ as one of the top 10 movies to watch in 2014

Cosmopolis Premiere in Berlin

The Belgian site Focus lists ‘Map of the Stars’ on #2 in the list of top 10 movies to watch in 2014:

(translation by us)
David Cronenberg who’s daring to take on a celebrity satire? It sounds even stranger than the creatures he released into the world from his movies Videodrome, The Fly, Dead Ringers and Naked Linch, although the Canadian master showed with A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and Dangerous Method that he was capable of being far more than ‘just’ a Hollywood body horror king. What to expect? A disfunctional family tale about two former child stars, the entertainment industry and western civilization, with in the leading roles Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska and Twilight-hottie [really…!] Robert Pattinson.