Photographer Nan Goldin Talks About Rob   2 comments

Nan Goldin, photographer of Rob’s Dior Homme campaign talked a little about him in an interview with L’Express:


RPLife Dior

I loved taking pictures of women like Kate Moss naked on a horse, or Tilda Swinton, covered with hide. In front of them, I am in “caress” mode. I also enjoyed photographing Robert Pattinson for Dior, in a harsh light. He looks like a portrait of the painter Paul Cadmus exposed at the Brooklyn Museum in New York … Same brown hair, same blue eyes … Nothing about him rhymes with “pretty”.


Paul Cadmus’ portrait:



Source (in French) | Via/Translation

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2 responses to “Photographer Nan Goldin Talks About Rob

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  1. rob looks so good, i love his haircut and scruff.

  2. I love her comment! ‘Nothing about him rhymes with “pretty”.’ Also, thanks so much for including the Paul Cadmus portrait. That, of course, was the very next thing I was going to look up. Excellent work ladies!

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