Great article on Robert Pattinson: ‘Pattinson has immersed himself into acting school under fire.   1 comment

Here’s a really great article by Kevin Stewart on Robert Pattinson


From Moviepilot:

I sat through only one episode of the Twlight series that launched the fan craze of Robert Pattinson. The episode was,Eclipse. That was that. Pattinson did not register on my radar again until I saw him in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. I wondered, who is this actor. I did not yet know of his legacy as the Heart throbbing romantic vampire, Edward Cullen. Yet there in Cosmopolis, Pattinson sat in the back seat of a limo all groomed and grand playing the role of Eric Packer (a young billionaire). Pattinson seemed right for the part because despite all his popularity, Pattinson’s on screen presence can seem like that of a man out of place. In Cosmopolis he portrays a character who is indeed more stoic than ‘lost’ and it seems that Pattinson’s almost expressionless gaze was necessary for this role.

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The film based on a Book by Don DeLillo is both too dense and too controversial to analysis here. Both Cronenberg’s adaptation as well as Pattinson’s performance have received a good bid of space on the internet. Yet despite the unrelenting pursuit of his child-like Twilight-fans and the inane film critics, critics like Grace Randolph who seem more like parasites with microphones than series movie analysis, one thing most critics can agree on is that in this role and many listed herein, Pattinson has immersed himself into acting school under fire.

The roles actors take on in franchises tend to transcend the screens that separate then from audiences. Many teenage movie goers tend to transpose their lives with those of their screen idols. Fantasies are apt to do that. Lately when fans of characters are satisfied with the actor who is chosen to play their favorite characters, they become mixed with the madness of summer block buster and their own real life summer romances. This mixture of fact with fantasy can become toxic. Edward Cullen has become Pattinson’s Frankenstein.

My decision to write about Pattinson stems from the fact that he appeared on the covers of a magazine I trust. In this case Esquire Magazine.


While I read the magazine article I laughed at some of the revelations Pattinson shared with writer Sanjiv Bhattacharya. He was engaging and amusing. He shared what his life is like How he has to find out-of-the way places to chill. With all the paparazzi and negative press always lurking, Pattinson’s understandable uneasiness still seems penetrable. He opens up; if only as long as the allowable time. I am reminded of the fact that sometimes photographers are only given 15 minutes with the President of the United States. Imagine that, you have only 15 minutes to capture something genuine. In the face of power be it movies star, celebrity or politician, you can not ‘flub it up’. What would you I or anyone do. Robert Pattinson is no where near the great leaders of the world. Yet he has his own ‘cross of popularity’ to burden. How would anyone of us get beyond that and get to something genuine?


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