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Anton Corbijn talks about LIFE’s post production + new photo from the movie   Leave a comment


For his latest project Anton Corbijn has returned to the Hanseatic city. In Post Republic Life is currently preparing the color gradingfor the Australian-Canadian-German co-production.

“It’s wonderful to be here again,” says Anton Corbijn. Dutch director and photographer had last A Most Wanted Man shot inHamburg and was enthusiastic about the locations and the special atmosphere in the Hanseatic city. His latest film Life tells the story of Hollywood photographer Dennis Stock, gets to know in 1955 at a party the still unknown James Dean. A specialmeeting of the addition to the world-famous portraits of Hollywood icon, a wonderful friendship apparent.

The topic was very appealing to him, told Anton Corbijn, who became famous as a photographer mainly by its musicians portraits .Also on film, he has worked with artists and personalities; his first film ‘Control’, the life of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of theband Joy Devision.

Life is produced on the German side of Wolfgang Müller (Barry Films) and is expected to be released on the 60th anniversary of the death of James Dean in 2015 in German cinemas. The main roles play Dane Dehaan and Robert Pattinson. The Hamburg Film Fund SchlesigHolstein has supported the film with 250,000 in production.

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Robert Pattinson played the Guitar on Death Grips’ song ‘Birds’   3 comments

Robert Pattinson played the Guitar on Death Grips’ song ‘Birds’



@newnewpollution credits on the new vinyl release of Death Grips’ Government Plates.

ETA: Pitchfork posted more details about how they recorded that:

It’s been confirmed that this is true. Zach Hill recorded Pattinson’s guitar with his iPhone and the band sampled the recording on the track.



Rob with Zach Hill and MC Ride from Death Grips at Beyonce’s concert back in 2013


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