Lorraine Kelly talks about interviewing Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Lorraine Kelly admits she was quite taken with Robert Pattinson when she interviewed him.

The bubbly TV presenter thought Twilight star Rob, 28, was easy-going and lovely to chat to but felt he was uncomfortable with his new-found fame.
‘He was adorable, but far too young for me to flirt with!’ says Lorraine, 55.
‘I interviewed him during the whole Twilight madness and he seemed very overwhelmed by it all.
‘I think he’s far happier now that’s over and he can concentrate on quirkier roles. I don’t think he seemed comfortable with the whole sex symbol status.’


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2 responses to “Lorraine Kelly talks about interviewing Robert Pattinson

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  1. I have been very impressed by Robert’s talent. He has done an excellent job with some, that in my mind, were very mediocre. I believe he played the part of Edward Cullen extremely well. It was a character in a movie and he brought the character to life for all of us. He seems able to bring out the tender and compassionate in his characters, even when they as offensive as Georges, the character in Bel Ami. I am not fond of the sex scenes and could well do without them. It seems Hollywood is all to anxious to turn every movie into something sexual. I was very disappointed that the Rover did not have a showing close to where I live. I am hoping it will come out on DVD soon. He is not only attractive but capable of playing so many different roles and playing them as if they were real people and not a character designed by someone to complete a story.

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