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New/Old Bel Ami BTS Picture of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

New/Old Bel Ami BTS Picture of Robert Pattinson


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Michael Epp talks about filming ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Michal Epp talks about filming The Childhood of a Leader with Robert Pattinson


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In the movie ”Childhood of a leader” Epp plays alongside Bérénice Bejo, who has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in ”The Artist”, and Robert Pattinson, who shot to worldwide fame with the “Twilight” movies. The actor remembers his time with the celebrities: ”At the end of each day I would often go to grab a bite with Robert Pattinson. Everywhere he goes, a cell phone is shoved in his face or he is asked for an autograph. And yet he has remained a super sweet guy“, he says, admitting: ”I do not envy these big stars.” Pattinson is a likable and down to earth kind of guy, ”especially considering what kind of pressure he is under every day since Twilight“.
Their movie is expected to be presented at the film festival in Venice.

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New picture of Robert Pattinson with fans   Leave a comment

Here’s a new picture of Robert Pattinson with fans at Coachella last week



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