Robert Pattinson No Longer Attached to Brimstone   5 comments

Confirmed by the ‘Brimstone’ director Martin Koolhoven: Rob is no longer attached to Brimstone…


Andreas Wiseman from Screen Daily, broke the news.

Variety, Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter have articles about Kit Harrington joining the cast and although there’s no “replacement” mention, Rob and Mia’s names are not listed as part of the cast and Dakota Fanning is listed as “Liz” – the main female character and Mia’s original part.


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5 responses to “Robert Pattinson No Longer Attached to Brimstone

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  1. That sucks………

  2. Well now, I can remove Brimstone from my To See List. What the hell happened? Did they need Dakota’s projected pain magic?
    It does not matter why they lost RP and MIA Brimstone is dead…..

  3. Kit Harrington is Jon Snow! ? I will replay his death scene in Game of Thrones and enjoy it since he has taken Robs role in Brimstone.

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  5. Els Vandevorst issued an odd statement almost frothing at the mouth about KH replacing Rob Pattinson in “Brimstone” and no explanation as to why he was no longer attached. Then later Martin Koolhoven tweeted saying she didn’t say that, so why hasn’t Els Vandevorst set the record straight, because the way it is worded it sounds like Rob was dropped and everyone know’ s what the haters will do with that . Rob derseves to be treated with more respect than scant amount he is getting .

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