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Anton Corbijn talks LIFE and mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview with ‘The Brag’   1 comment

Here’s  an interview of Anton Corbijn where he talks about LIFE and working with Robert Pattinson

LIFE B-roll with Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattinson [HQ]-HD.mp4_20150906_224511.711

From The Brag

[…] But this is not a film about Dean: the attraction for Corbijn was a story about a photographer and his subject, and the fact the subject happens to be Dean is something Corbijn considers a “nice bonus”.

“They share equal screen time, but it’s really about how these people touch each other’s lives,” he says.

Sharing the screen are Robert Pattinson as the uneasy photographer Stock, and Dane DeHaan in what may be a career-defining performance as Dean.

“It was, I have to say, a pleasure working with both. It reminded me a little bit of the energy we had on Control, because they’re young actors and they’re just energetic,” says Corbijn, referencing his Joy Division biopic and screen debut.

“Dane and Robert are quite different actors, and that, in a way, was purposeful for me because the characters they play are also quite different characters … Dane is very analytical and very well prepared – which he had to [be], of course, because he had to change so much, both physically and to get into the voice and all that. Rob is more intuitive, and so they are both different in their approach, but I love both performances a lot.”

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