Rolling Stone Magazine talks about Robert Pattinson’s career   4 comments


From Rolling Stone:

And then there’s Robert Pattinson. The squeal-inducing supernova at the center of the YA galaxy has inarguably taken the most aggressive turn towards unconventional fare; some actors subvert their image, but Patterson has torpedoed his. Since first collaborating with David Cronenberg for the director’s characteristically deranged Cosmopolis, Pattinson has played a mentally challenged guy in a gnarly post-apocalyptic Western (The Rover), a fuckboy limo driver (Maps to the Stars), and Lawrence of Arabia (Queen of the Desert). Each of these films has found the actor pushing closer towards greatness and further away from his original fans; if we’re lucky, perhaps he’ll take some of those fans with him.”

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Posted March 22, 2016 by fastieslowie in Robert Pattinson

4 responses to “Rolling Stone Magazine talks about Robert Pattinson’s career

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  1. He has I think he’s a great actor not given enough credit always compared to his early Twilight days he has come along way from then

  2. They can’t even write his name correctly! It’s PATTINSON, not PATTERSON!

  3. Robert has incredible talent and is mesmerizing to watch. My only problem is that the films he is making now are not available to everyone. I would love to see all of them.

  4.’s.doing.other.movies.but.don’t give.him.a

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