NEW PROJECT: Robert Pattinson to star in ‘Damsel’   1 comment


From The Film Stage

Various sources have told us the Zellners are now directing Robert Pattinson in Damsel, a “Western Era comedy about a man trying to marry the woman of his dreams.” While the Utah Film Commission notes production began this week, our biggest indication that the ball’s rolling isa series of set photos showing Pattinson in — drum roll! — western-appropriate garb. That’s not all! Those who desire a Maps to the Stars reunion may have very good reason to celebrate: while not confirmed, a recent issue of Production Weekly claims Mia Wasikowska is in talks to help lead a cast that, per the Salt Lake Tribune, will contain only a handful of main players.

Production is expected to continue through early September ahead of a likely 2017 premiere.

via RPAU


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