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New HQ pictures of Robert Pattinson from NYFF   Leave a comment

New HQ pictures of Robert Pattinson from NYFF 


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New Picture and Interview of Robert Pattinson with GQ Italy   Leave a comment

New Picture and Interview of Robert Pattinson with GQ Italy


From GQ Italy:

Enveloping like a cashmere coat with a fresh air of lavender and iris: it’s the fragrance of Robert Pattinson, the Twilight’s immortal whom at thirty years old is the image of Dior Homme Intense, eau de parfum, evoking nocturnal feelings. Sensuality with a taste of Virginia cedar and cinnamon.

“Dior asked me to work on the beauty campaign back in 2012 and then the collaboration has been extended to the clothing line,” says the British actor.
“I have always admired this brand because it has managed to preserve classical elegance, but is also incredibly avant-garde”.

GQ: But what is your idea of elegance?
Rob: You know, when you are well dressed in a certain way, as well as you know, the contrary when you go completely wrong with the outfit.
GQ: A smell that reminds you of your childhood?
Rob: Petrol. My father worked in a garage and I liked to visit him.
GQ: And what does a woman have to smell like?
Rob: Of herself. Not of any perfume.
GQ: And what is the most sexy feminine side?
Rob: Talent.
GQ: Your public image is still that of a vampire. Does it bother you?
Rob: Yes at first. With time, though, I realized that my dark side corresponds enough to that character.
GQ: For Dior Homme you play the rebel. When have you broken the rules?
Rob: When I was a boy I recorded a piece of Michael Jackson on a tape, I took it to school and then I told them that it was my father who sang.

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