‘The Batman’ teaser trailer   1 comment

The Batman teaser trailer starring Robert Pattinson

Posted August 24, 2020 by fastieslowie in Robert Pattinson, The Batman

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One response to “‘The Batman’ teaser trailer

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  1. I think its really really no.
    He should like be in the vampire era not in the batman era! Thats like fucking ironic.
    I dont know what they were thinking about like what the fuck
    Like he maked himself famous because of the vampire but not bat!
    I dont want to live in this world we should commit suicude together
    You know i would like to die if some hot vampire would bite my neck! but not some fucking batman in street
    I know he has like live forever but this is to much like no no no he is like fifty years old and batman like nineteen years old
    I feel like my life doesnt have a sense.
    And even this will be like fifth generation of cat woman like no body cares!
    Like can you explain it to me this is hilarious!
    But i should like not care bcs this is fucking DC film like what dc film was good like anyone? Maybe one that name is suicude squad. That is good film it has the suicude in their name!

    Fucking pissed of roommate

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