‘The Batman’ teaser trailer   3 comments

The Batman teaser trailer starring Robert Pattinson

Posted August 24, 2020 by fastieslowie in Robert Pattinson, The Batman

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3 responses to “‘The Batman’ teaser trailer

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  1. Good God i got goosebumps just now. I’m such a bad fan. Can you believe this is the first Ive even watched the trailer for this film!? Definitely amazing the transformation Robert has made over the past 13 years I’ve been filling his career. Such a talented and kindhearted man. Wishing all the best to Robert and all you who support and promote him!! xo

    • ****Following his career.
      As a side note. I am sorry for all the inconsiderate nonsense Robert has had to deal with in regards to twihards.Absolutley ridiculous!! I find it very poetic that the foreshadowing of Roberts career brought him this role. I remember the photo a decade + ago of him wearing the Batman shit and a red flannel. AMAZING to me. As always I’ve got #nothinbutlove for the man inside the actor everyone passes judgment on. No one knows or loves any of us more than God so look to him and what’s in your heart. That’s all that truly matters in life. XoxoX

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