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Video: Robert Pattinson's Movies From 2004 to 2011   7 comments

List of Rob’s film & the characters he plays:

2004 Ring of the Nibelungs: Giselher
2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Cedric Diggory
2006 The Haunted Airman: Toby Jugg
2007 The Bad Mother’s Handbook :Daniel Gale
2008 The Summer House: Robert
2008 How To Be: Art
2008 Twilight : Edward Cullen
2009 Little Ashes : Salvador Dalí
2009 New Moon : Edward Cullen
2010 Remember Me: Tyler Hawkins
2010 Eclipse : Edward Cullen
2011 Bel Ami : Georges Duroy
2011 Water for Elephants: Jacob Jankowsk

*Missing from the list: 2004 “Vanity Fair” (Rob appears in DVD version only) + Breaking Dawn which filming will start this Fall.

Source: Le Monde de Francesca