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Great new Fan made Robert Pattinson Christmas video – charities   1 comment

Here’s a great video made by @manu150176 for christmas about all the charity work Rob is supporting:

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More ‘The Rover’ Updates   Leave a comment

More updates via Australian Screen – tentative Australian release date, classification and more.

The tentative Australian release date is July 31st

And more ‘The Rover’ details – classification, runtime (103 mins) and more (via Australian Classification)



via RPLife

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Old Pictures of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme now in UHQ   Leave a comment

Click for fullsize

RPLife Dior

See the other pic after the jump

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Robert Pattinson Christmas wallpaper   10 comments

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From all of us on Thinking of Rob: happy holidays!


Expect ‘The Rover’ ‘Surprises’ In January/14   Leave a comment

Will we be getting The Rover updates soon? According to @A24Films, “soon” is January!

1/6 was just a reminder that January is when it all begins. Exact date still tbd! It must be perfect cause we are #roverachievers.
We can’t wait. Follow A24 Films’ instagram account and The Rover on facebook so you won’t miss anything!

Of course everything we’ll be posted here too 🙂

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New/Old Picture of Young Robert Pattinson   1 comment

BEST #MODELS1 #TBT from 2002 – Umm can you spot who is who?

modelrob1 modelrob

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Director Brady Corbet Gives More Details About ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’   Leave a comment


From The Aesthete:

Corbet is about to embark on his most daunting and risky gamble to date. As soon as he wraps Paradise Lost, he heads back to Paris to begin prep on his debut feature as a writer-director. And it’s a doozy: a WWI-era period drama called The Childhood of a Leader that he plans to film in both English and French with no genre hook or titillating graphic content. “It’s about an American family that has to go to France for the Paris peace conference,” Corbet says. “But it’s really a dark fable about this little boy coming of age during a very politically charged period in world history.” Corbet is well aware that to many it might seem like something of a tough sell. “I’m trying to find new and evocative ways to talk about it and make it sound not so dry because it is very formal, but it’s almost a thriller. It flirts with being a thriller for sure. Yeah, it’s a strange film. I guess I’ve always been passionate about anything that feels difficult.


Bigger Pictures from Rob’s photoshoot with Premiere magazine   1 comment

This amazing shoot photo’s are slightly bigger than the ones we posted before:

Premiere (8)

More after the jump!

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Johnny Flynn Talks About Rob   Leave a comment


This answers my next question before I can ask it; how come he hasn’t collaborated with his close friend Robert Pattinson? Why no cameo in Twilight? Flynn laughs. “We talked about doing a project together, that’s maybe still in the works.”

Read the full interview at the source | via | via

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‘Queen of the Desert’ Update – Production Schedule   2 comments

Lots of dates have been reported so far about ‘Queen of the Desert’ filming schedule, but here’s finally the confirmation.

Producer Cassian Elwes confirmed on his twitter that ‘Queen of the Desert’ shooting with the main actors will start in January.

Producer Nick Raslan also tweeted a couple days ago about pre shoot starting on December 18th.


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