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Brady Corbert talks about Robert Pattinson’s work ethic and new project for Rob   1 comment

Brady Corbert talks about Robert Pattinson’s work ethic and new project for Rob


From Eye for Film:

Given that he feels so strongly about the mythology of fan culture, it’s ironic that he has cast Pattinson in the film, as the actor has built up an ardent following in the years since the Twilight films, with a large number of fan sites dedicated to his work and even the internet-friendly abbreviation RPatz. Corbet says he was interesting in using certain expectations to his advantage.

“It’s really bizarre,” says Corbet “There’s a couple of things. First of all, I’m not that connected to the notion of Rob as a celebrity, because I’ve known him for a long time and I didn’t discover him that way. The other thing is that I thought it would be really, really interesting to have this sort of Janet Leigh in Psycho effect, where you have someone who is a public figure and people have their eye on him, he’s interesting, he’s charismatic, he’s compelling, he’s handsome. And I thought, that it would really give weight to the first 20 minutes of the film. So I hired him for all of those reasons. I hired him because the role was written for a young man that was a bit younger than the female character, handsome and English, so I thought of him.

Anyone who has spent any time with the guy will know that he’s super hard-working and he never complains. I was just talking to the Safdie brothers, who are directing a new film with him [Good Time], and Josh was like, ‘Dude, we were shooting 19 hour days and he didn’t fucking complain once.’ They were just amazed by his work ethic and so am I. I think he and I will work together for a long time.”

Corbet isn’t sure yet whether Pattinson will feature in his next film Vox Lux yet. “It’s a big cast and it’s an ensemble piece and I have to work out what age everyone is in relationship to each other,” he says, but the British star is working with Corbet’s wife and collaborator Mona Fastvold on her upcoming film The Bleaching Yard.

“It’s a period drama,” says Corbet “The source material is from a very famous Norwegian author called Tarjei Vesaas and she’s set it in a whaling community in the 1940s, which is not in the book. It’s really great. We’re making that with Chris Cohen who produced Childhood as well and her producers from The Sleepwalker. This is the first time as a family that we have made two separate projects.” [My emphasis]

He also says that compared to The Childhood Of A Leader, Vox Lux has been a must swifter project.


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Brady Corbet talks about Robert Pattinson with Hey U Guys   1 comment

Brady Corbet talks about Robert Pattinson with Hey U Guys


From Hey U Guys

(…) With Berenice Bejo and Liam Cunningham taking on starring roles, not to mention the breakthrough role for the young Tom Sweet – much attention will be placed on the supporting performance of Robert Pattinson, who continues to indulge in innovative, independent features that veer far away from the projected career many had expected after the Twilight Saga. Having spoken to Olivier Assayas following his collaboration with Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria, the French auteur admitted the actresses’ ardent following was a strain on the production at times, with fans swarming around the set – but Corbet said he didn’t have any issues on that front.
“I think that’s changed a lot, and probably just three of four years ago that was a bigger problem for Robert,” he said. “Rob is working with most of the best directors in the world right now, and I think the more you do that, the less of the wrong kind of attention you’ll have. Everyone just grows up and hopefully lets it all go. I was in a funny position because I was in a kids movie called Thunderbirds when I was 13 years old, and if it had not been a box office failure then I’d have been associated with it, but I wasn’t so much because nobody really saw it, especially in the US. But I understand how it feels to have a very particular kind of interest but at a very young age become involved in something that is not necessarily representative of who you are, or what you want to make.”
“There are a lot of routes into how people arrive into doing what they feel they’re meant to do, but it’s very hard because these movies can be a little bit like baby photos, it’s quite embarrassing to live out your entire youth in a very public way, or at least it was for me.”(…)

New pic and interview of Robert Pattinson and Brady Corbet with ‘The Sunday Times’   1 comment

New interview of Robert Pattinson and Brady Corbet with ‘The Sunday Times’ 


The oddest thing about Robert Pattinson’s new film is, well, it’s all odd. From a tilt of the camera that barely shows the actors, to a story about fascism that you need to work really hard at even to know it’s about fascism, it is an understatement to say that The Childhood of a Leader is so far removed from its star’s huge vampire breakthrough, Twilight, that it will share absolutely none of the same fans.

It’s like Justin Bieber giving up chart-friendly pop hits to record an album of Indonesian electro. So, in a members’ club in London, over morning coffee, I ask the actor, why — why do something this peculiar?

“Because nothing else exists any more!” he says, laughing. He laughs a lot, a little nerdy, like a teenager at home watching a particularly good episode of South Park. The larger films, he explains, just aren’t that interesting. In the 1990s, there were the options of mainstream dramas or adult action films, but now… “Your only option is to do a superhero movie,” he says, referring to the 71 comic-book adaptations currently in the works. “You can do a superhero, or you can do indies. That’s it!” He sounds exasperated. “You cannot even do Nicolas Cage movies,” he says. “You can’t even do Con Air. I would love to do Con Air.”


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Brady Corbet talks about ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ and Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s an interview of Brady Corbet with Variety


From Variety:

Loosely inspired by the early childhood experiences of many of the most infamous dictators of the 20th century, “The Childhood of a Leader” stars Berenice Bejo and Liam Cunningham as an American couple settling into the French countryside at the end of the World War I, at which time the father is involved in the delicate peace negotiations surrounding the Treaty of Versailles. His wife is a devout Christian who struggles with the tantrums of their son (Tom Sweet), an angelic-looking boy whose behaviour becomes increasingly disturbing. Robert Pattinson and Stacy Martin also appear in the film, which also brought Corbet a cash prize in the form of Luigi De Laurentiis award for best debut.

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Brady Corbet and Mona Fastvold talk about Robert Pattinson and ‘Childhood of a Leader’   Leave a comment

Brady Corbet and Mona Fastvold talk about Robert Pattinson and ‘Childhood of a Leader’


From Writers Guild Italia:

And with an actor as Robert Pattison? I know he really looks forward films that are author film, that offering something else out of the mainstream.
Brady: Yes for sure, he is a real cinephile. There is so many actors that could use their celebrity in a really amazing way, like Will Smith or Tom Cruise… Well Tom Cruise does that sometimes. There’s a lot of people who really don’t take advantages… Like I can get somebody’s film made and they are gonna challenge me and we are gonna grow together.

Did he help in financing?
Brady: Of course. The thing is funny because at the time… he was cast several years ago, we had no idea how significant it would end up being. We had a lot of others fancy cast members at one point, but at a certain point he was the only way to get the film made, after many years was to have Rob involved. And we originally hired Rob because of the fact we wanted somebody really CHARISMATIC and really RECOGNIZABLE.
Mona: We wanted to feel right the way that this character is very important.


Even with the shaved head…
Brady: Yeah!

Do you think some of the Twilight crowd will go to see the film just because he is in it?
Brady: I don’t know… They go see Cosmopolis?
Mona: I think it would be good for them.

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Venice Film Festival: The Childhood of a Leader Reviews   Leave a comment

‘The Childhood of a Leader’ reviews from the world premiere at Venice Film Festival



A striking, impressionistically filmed final sequence set some time in the future doesn’t so much answer these questions as pose new ones. Here Walker’s full orchestral soundtrack rises to a deafening pitch, mixing brass punches and string-section yelps into its driving, jackboot march. In combination with British DoP Lol Crawley’s atmospheric 35mm photography and Corbet’s assured direction of an excellent cast, it makes for an edgy, poetic mix with the dramatic potency of a good nightmare.

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Robert Pattinson to attend Venice Film Festival for ‘The Childhood of a Leader’   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson attends the Venice Film Festival in September. We’ve posted about ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ having its world premiere at the festival here

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You can buy your tickets here

‘The Childhood of a Leader’ in Ciak Magazine – Italy   Leave a comment

‘The Childhood of a Leader’ in Ciak Magazine – Italy


From Ciak Magazine:

Robert Pattinson: young fascist in The Childhood of a Leader

Frenzy and impatience for “The Childhood of a Leader” by Brady Corbet, based on the story written in 1939 by Jean-Paul Sartre, which will be screened in Venice on the same day (September 5th). In “The Wall”, the book on which the U.S. director based his movie, we are plummeted in the Existentialist era, the philosophical movement of which the French writer, who looks at the world with nihilistic eyes, was a real authority. All the characters of the book are imprisoned in a static life, a situation from which they cannot get out. Charles Marker, a boy who was searching for an identity, between a complex sexuality, sadistic impulses and a huge ego, is facing social, political and psychological implications that lead him to become a fascist leader during World War II.

But why we wait for it? Surely, the presence in the cast of Robert Pattinson, disturbed young fascist, elegant in a tuxedo and with his beard, is one reason. Pattinson, is emerging from a teen idol to a new icon of the movies world. The actor has dared and has been rewarded: from Cronenberg to Herzog he has accepted intense roles that have revealed an unexpected talent since the days of Twilight. Beyond Venice he will be soon on the big screen with Life by Anton Corbijn’s biopic of James Dean and his photographer friend Dennis Stock, two dazzling and unconventional characters, which the Italian premiere will be on September 17 at the Milan Film Festival and in October at the movie theaters.

Plus, Bérénice Bejo, who starred alongside Jean Dujardin in The Artis by her husband Michel Hazanavicius (Oscar winner for Best Picture in 2012), and as the “young nymphomaniac” with a shrewd gaze by Lars Von Trier – Stacy Martin – and the spirited actress Yolande Moreau, form a female trio in the film that is synonymous with art films.

Finally there is curiosity about how far the twenty-seven year old Brady Corbet has gone in his debut behind the camera. For his debut he has chosen living material, sometimes slippery (material). The probability of creating a great success or a total disaster is the same, we hope instead that Corbet was able to avoid the banality, giving the character nuances and contradictions of the human soul, just as at the time Sartre’s pen did.

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Screening Schedule for ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ at Venice Film Festival   2 comments




‘The Childhood of a Leader’ screenings will be on

Saturday, September 5 at 2:30pm at Sala Darsena
Sunday, September 6 at 1:15pm at Palabiennale

You can find the festival’s screening schedule here



‘The Childhood of a Leader’ World Premiere at Venice Film Festival   3 comments



The Childhood of Leader will have its world premiere at Venice Film Festival



An international competition dedicated to films that represent the latest aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema

United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium, France, 113′
Liam Cunningham, Bérénice Bejo, Stacy Martin, Yolande Moreau, Tom Sweet, Robert Pattinson

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Venice Film Festival runs from 2 – 12 September

Venice Film Festival