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Brady Corbet talks about ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ and Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s an interview of Brady Corbet with Variety


From Variety:

Loosely inspired by the early childhood experiences of many of the most infamous dictators of the 20th century, “The Childhood of a Leader” stars Berenice Bejo and Liam Cunningham as an American couple settling into the French countryside at the end of the World War I, at which time the father is involved in the delicate peace negotiations surrounding the Treaty of Versailles. His wife is a devout Christian who struggles with the tantrums of their son (Tom Sweet), an angelic-looking boy whose behaviour becomes increasingly disturbing. Robert Pattinson and Stacy Martin also appear in the film, which also brought Corbet a cash prize in the form of Luigi De Laurentiis award for best debut.

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New Robert Pattinson and ‘The Rover’ Crew Interview With Variety   Leave a comment


After a starry premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and director David Michod brought “The Rover” to The Regency Bruin Thursday.

Michod told Variety that he hadn’t been familiar with Pattinson’s previous work. “Rob just came in and did a beautiful audition for me that was both vulnerable and completely alive,” he said.

“This proved that seeing him work with Guy Pearce and Scoot McNairy, we realize he’s a consummate actor,” added producer David Linde. “He’s in the ‘Twilight’ movies and people don’t think of him in this way, but as you see in this movie he’s the real deal.”

For Pattinson, he said his goal is to work with good, ambitious directors. “These roles just don’t come up that often,” he said. “A script like this is so rare, I mean, it’s in the top five scripts I’ve ever read.”

Pattinson plays Rey, a yellow-toothed, simple-minded man who is one of the last survivors in a world 10 years after an economic collapse.

“I like how my character was set up. It was just sort of two really dense dialogue heavy scenes in the midst of almost no dialogue, so it let you be pretty free to do anything with it,” said Pattinson.

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Robert Pattinson on the cover of Variety’s and Les InRockuptibles Cannes edition   3 comments

NEW PIC Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore on the cover of ‘Les InRockuptibles’ magazine – Specieal Cannes edition


UHQ scan of the Variety cover:


More magazine scans after the jump

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INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson talks to Variety about Cronenberg, Brady Corbet, Twilight and More   Leave a comment

During the Vanity Fair Party Rob talked to Variety. Not really new info/quotes though:



Whoever worried this year’s Cannes Film Festival was short on stars only needed to take a stroll through the Vanity Fair Party on Saturday night at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, which looked like the Oscars in May.

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Variety Reviews Water for Elephants   1 comment

Here’s Variety‘s review of Water for Elephants: 

In an extravagant gamble worthy of the fictional Benzini Brothers Circus itself, Fox gives Sara Gruen’s grassroots bestseller “Water for Elephants” the glossy, big-budget treatment fans crave, counting on adult women — plus a younger female contingent keen on seeing “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson paired with sweet-as-pie Reese Witherspoon — to prop up a production with a cost apparently on par with a small tentpole. Unlike the story’s colorful gang of roustabouts, who dismiss ticket buyers as “rubes,” the filmmakers clearly value their public, crafting a splendid period swooner that delivers classic romance and an indelible insider’s view of 1930s circus life.

A present-day prologue finds nursing-home escapee Jacob Jankowski (played with endearing mock surliness by Hal Holbrook) reminiscing about his tenure under the big top. Taken in by a young circus worker (Paul Schneider) and then encouraged to share his story, Jacob proceeds to explain how a family tragedy on the eve of vet-school exams spared the would-be Cornell grad a predictable life, and led to his hitching a ride with the Benzini Brothers’ traveling show instead.

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Variety Reviews Remember Me *SPOILERS*   Leave a comment

This review contains spoilers, you can read it after the jump!

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Screencaps of Robert Pattinson – Variety Interview   15 comments

Jess asked me for these caps earlier. Since I’ve been curled up in my comforter reading all afternoon busy this afternoon *cough* I totally forgot. Lucky for me, I have  a great affiliate, ROBsessed, who e-mailed me these caps. Thank you so much Goz! 

Variety Interview169

 More caps and the interview after the jump!

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